40 days

It was not meant to happen for poor Leinna. It was just a simple "hello" that dramatically shifted her life into a fantasy land; it was a fantasy that only existed in her imaginations but how long will this fantasy last until it collapse and return back to reality?


2. Day 1


Like all typical stories, let me begin mine with saying my name and a quick summarization of my story: my name is Leinna and I met a boy. 


Wait. Cross that out. Let me restart. 


Hi, my name is Faith and I met Coincidence. 

It's inevitable to live a life with no splashes of such surprising, undefining beauty; the paste quickens to craft what seems to be the Gift in which leads you to have a beautiful life. This "Gift" can create such an immense amount of emotions that can overtake the human body and lead it to the feeling of a blissful happiness or a misery sadness. In my case, it was rather the feeling of scattered storms turning into what seems to be clashing tornadoes. The tornadoes who trespassed my town, let alone those daggering rains, caused such beyond destruction yet at the end, it was a beautiful scenery as if my town was implanted by a kiss from Mother Nature. One may see the result as something so terrifying but one may be glad that it would be over. This is what seems to be the two victims who stand and only one gets to feel that blissful happiness while the other feels nothing but sadness. Here is my story. 


Every morning I wake up to the sound of a bathump. It's also the sound that gives me a conflicting satisfy feeling that my mom has come home safely from last night's madness. (I do apologize in advance that my life story is the same like any other struggling life story that has to deal with a delusional, mental problem family and meets the love of their life who magically makes their life beautiful).


"Oh, Lei! Where is my pack of cigarettes?" Here comes barging in my mother who is half alive and can barely ask a question without slurring her words.


"I don't know. Maybe Bitch took it and hid it." I mumbled.


"Darn, that damn cat. Alright then. Goodbye." 


Congratulations! You had just witnessed my everyday conversation with my mother for the last 4 years of my life. Ever since mom caught dad having sex with a coworker on their own bed, life has been dramatically different. She didn't believe in love anymore and so love has been painfully collecting dust and spider webs in the basement. But it hasn't entirely been packed away in the basement because of this strong bonding I have with my older brother, Mason. We heavily rely on each other and basically survive together in this hell household. I'm surprised he hasn't jumped off a bridge yet but I knew he wouldn't be able to do so. You see ever since dad left Mason had dealt with suicidal and depression problems because dad was his best friend, his only best friend. He did ATTEMPT on drugging himself but it wasn't until I came home and quickly called 911 to save him. I remember this one night at the hospital and out of curiosity I asked him, "What was it like? To have nearly kissed death?" 


"Felt like all of my pain went away. All of my sufferings had vanished into thin air and I think I nearly fell in love with death. It's like we were meant to be but it's just that we can't be together just yet because I still have a slight crush on life." 


And ever since that day, he had witnessed a glimpse of death and had stopped trying to kill himself. Of course without the help of therapy but I'm still afraid that the bomb timer might explode without me knowing when and where it will happen. Even so, we both are still trying to continue on living. 


"Did Bitch take mom's pack of cigarettes again?" Mason jokingly ask as he barges into my room. (Clearly, it seems as if my door has a welcoming sign all over it).


"Haha yeah. Thank god she did because I can't stand the smell of tobacco." I groaned with disgust. 


"Maybe mom is trying to smoke the death out of her who lives darkly in her soul." He whispers as if he was death himself.


"... Really Mason. Please tell me you're still going to those therapy sessions." I concernly ask with a hint of "I'm going to kill you if you're not" kind of tone. 


"Sorry! Poetry night had a death theme so the room was so depressing and scary. But I guess I saw everyone's own definition of death regardless of the feeling in the room. God, I felt chills all over my body the entire night." Mason jerkingly shivers out of nowhere. It appears that the chills came home with him last night as well. "You should be getting ready as well! Your school is starting in 50 minutes and you have approximately 30 minutes to get ready starting now!" 




"Have a nice day at school! Try not to kill anyone, okay? Haha." Mason waves goodbye and left just like that without showing some sympathy for me or the urge to turn around and rescue me from this place. But of course, anything is better than being home with the mother I lost 4 years ago.


Typically, in a life like mine, we deal with the alpha and her little groupie who throws her victim into the bottomless pit of shame. Sure, Tiffany Harrison does that to those who are below her or dares to overthrow her throne but underneath that devil, cold-hearted ice princess is a purely innocent girl who has yet to make someone suffer under her own purest wrath. Luckily I'm on her very best side somehow or just plain magically. I mean being the victim of  the savage mankind takes sudden surprises and effort to understand the roundabouts of it. We talk here and there but I am nothing but a pea and she is the sprout that sprang strongly and proudly from the ground; or in other words, I am the nerd in school and she's Miss. Popular. 


"Good morning to you Lei! Don't you still look the same with that doll-like face and silky hair." Tiffany complimented with such grace yet I can never tell whether she is sarcastic or not. 


"Morning Tif. Yeah, I haven't changed much over summer. Hey, homeroom is starting very soon so I'll catch up with you later, okay?" 


"Sure thing!"Tiffany loudly exclaims with such excitement and happiness bundled up into one.


I know this place inside and out because of participating in so many clubs so getting lost is never to be expected from me in a million of years. As I rifle through the sea of classroom seats filled in by butt's of tomorrow's future changers, I couldn't help it but take a second glance at the boy who never said a word yet has such welcoming eyes and a welcoming smile. Unintentionally, I sat in the chair right next to him. Well basically on the same table since this homeroom is occupied by fragile test tubes, beakers, flasks, and much more decorations to portray this class as a class that actually does experiments. 


As I look down to fiddle with my fingers, I felt securing eyes locked onto me. Not multiple of eyes but only one set of eyes that causes my body to feel enchained with no loose knots for me to unstrangle myself. I tried not to set my head up so high for him to notice that I have the urge to look at him by peering through strips of my hair. And I can finally see it. Those welcoming eyes were so dark yet that creamy chocolate color struck me with awe. Whereas my bright, translucent ocean eyes can easily reflect his beautiful eyes. But as the sun and the moon aligned with one another, it is hard to divide. I couldn't help it but analyze his full features--such a strong jawline with a perfectly symmetrical face and softly red, plump lips that can spew out words in which can easily capture a human's heart. I was not sure if he was sprouted from the Garden of Eden but he was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed. What woke me up from mesmerizing his defined face features was his sudden, deep voice. It wasn't raspy but it was more like a mix of seduction and innocence. 


"Hi, can you please stop looking at me?" 

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