With Love and Consequences- A Draco Malfoy Love Story

When Ava Hartley and her siblings got their letters to go to Hogwarts none of them wanted to leave their previous schools Ava and her Sister Avery were the same age they were fraternal twins and attended a small witching school for girls in their North Carolina home and their older brother who was 18 and older than his 16 Year old sisters was finishing up his last year at his all boys school they had already had friends and were halfway done with their classes but when their parents get an urgent letter from the minister of magic to come to London immediately they were to all be transferred to Hogwarts which would add on 3 more years for Adric and 5 more years for the girls to their classes but once they get to London and to Hogwarts they have far much more to worry about then a few extra years of classes their whole world will be turned around can they get through it without losing their minds?


2. Dinner party and Diagon Ally

My alarm clock went off I sat up in bed and stretched  grabbed my robe and opened the door to my balcony I stepped outside it was gorgeous out an absolutely beautiful morning "morning Ava" I turned and saw Draco shirtless on his balcony "oh hi Draco good morning how are you?" "Not bad how  was your first night in the new house?" "Was good its quiet here" "yes sometimes to quiet" he laughed this boy wasn't only nice he was good on the eyes and his body was wow I couldn't help but stare "well I to go tux shipping for the party I'll see you tonight" "yeah see you later" "oh Ava saved me a dance OK" "o-ok" I smiled and went on to get ready for the day:

I walked downstairs where Avery and mom were sitting with some old lady "morning Avery, morning mom" "Ava good morning this is Mrs. Cooper She is here to design and measure you for your dresses" "this is so exciting" Avery was a huge fashion junky I laughed at her enthusiasm me I was the opposite I didn't really didn't care "hey Avery want to help me design mine" "of course!" We sat down and got our dresses taken care of Avery and I went to the game room "we should go get into something was reading online about a place called Diagon Ally they have shops food kind of like a small mall what do you say want to go?" I looked at Avery "how do we get there?" "Floo powder duh" "sure don't see why not" "sweet let's go tell mom" we went to find mom and found her by the pool "mom can we floo to a place called Diagon Ally is like a small mall" "sure you can pick up your dresses as well while your there her shops near the black cauldron make sure your home by 8" "yes ma'am" we took off to the Chimney.


I was laying on my bed waiting for Blaise I wanted to go outside to see if Ava was out but didn't want to seem weird there was something about that girl that fascinated me she was beautiful and very sweet but looks like she can have a wild side she's fun to hang with to and I couldn't stop thinking about her and I had no clue why I barely know the girl but yet she's airways on my mind and I always see her smile even when she's not around it was a weird feeling. I jumped when Blaise came in "sup Draco ready to go" "yep off to Diagon ally to get our tuxes I hate dressing up" "I can't wait to see Avery she's smoking" "how do you even know where interested in you" "dude it's me gurus anyways go for the Blaise man" "so you think" we flood to Diagon Ally "what do you think of Avery's sister Ava?" I said looking at Blaise "she's hot to" "not just looks Blaise over all so far" "oh she's nice and hot and seems like she had a good head on her shoulders she's definitely not shy" "yeah" "dude are you into her" "yeah kinda" "dude be careful you don't know this girl plus you don't know what house she'll be in she has a Gryffindore personality" "according to father she's pureblood" "doesn't meant anything man look at potter" "I don't know" "just watch yourself" I nodded we continued to walk around trying to find the tux shop "there by the dress shop" Blaise laughed "duh" we walked into the tux shop and got fitted for tuxes and then bought them and left as we left the shop I bumped into someone "oh I'm so sorry I'm such a clutz" I knew that voice it was "Ava g hey" "oh hey Draco" I held my hand out to her and pulled her up I watched her as she started off her yellow sundress she looked beautiful hair in a side ponytail yellow sundress and yellow boots yellow really was her color and the good eyeshadow brought out her beautiful eyes I looked disc at her yellow polka duty make and realized I was still holding her hand I dropped it quickly "sorry I ran into Draco I'm a n huge clutz" "hey it's no big deal at all really" "well hello boys" Avery says smiling Blaise stopped in his tracks then turned to face Avery "week hello there Avery how are you? You look winery in purple today" she giggled "thanks Blaise how about you show me around these parts" "I would love to" me and Ava looked at each other and laughed "guess it's just us  are you hungry Ava?" "Yeah I'm starved" "let's go grab some lunch the leaky Cauldren have some good sandwiches" "OK sounds good do you think we should tell them?" "Nah I think they will be OK their big kids think they can take care of themselves" I laughed and followed Draco to the leaky Cauldren we walked in and sat down "So Draco tell me about Hogwarts" "is nothing special is huge there are a lot of secret passages and ghosts there are Assisi different houses ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, gryffindore and Slytherin I'm in Slytherin and they go by your inner personality" "Oh that sounds interesting" "yeah that's why you shouldn't get your hopes up on being with your siblings sometimes it happens sometimes it don't" "oh..." "hello guys what can I do ya for" "I'll ttake the turkey club with fries and a butter beer cold please" "butter beer?" She said giving me a weird look "its an alcoholic beverage you can get it cold or hot" "don't you have to be 21?" "This is the wizarding world they don't pay much attention to age" "oh I'll have the same" "be right back dears" after the server walked away she looked at me "what are the odds me and Avery getting into the same house?" "It's always a 50/50 change with siblings" "oh..." "don't worry you'll make friends and you can still hang out with your sister and talk to her" the server brought us our food "guess I'll be OK have no choice right" she took a bite "wow Draco this tastes amazing!" "Told you their sandwiches are to die for" she smiled after we ate we headed to meet up with the others" "Ava Blaise showed me around this place is amazing dress shops, pet shops, robes, wands, quidditch, books,  potions and so much more he says Hogwarts had a place even bigger called hogsmaid this Hogwarts sound better and better I can't wait until we go  tomorrow!" She kissed Blaise on the cheek "thanks for an awesome time  save me an dance tonight" "will do" the girls walked away "dude stop" I said looking at Blaise "what?" "She a nice girl stop trying to get in her pants" "I would do no such thing" i laughed I knew better that's all Blaise thinks about we headed back home to get ready for the party and a part of me couldn't wait until I saw Ava tonight.



We got back home and I was silent while Abbey went on and on about her day she finally stopped talking and looked at me "what's wing you not talking?" "I was talking to Draco and he was telling me about Hogwarts you know there are different houses?" "Yeah I read about it once what's wrong with that I Ajay's thought Hogwarts sounds amazing" "it does but there a 50/50 chance we won't be in the same house" "oh" "I've never done something new without you" "look we'll be fine promise we'll see each other everyday" "guess your right" "good now cheer up and tell me about your day with Draco" "he's a great guy he's so nice and helpful he told me everything I needed to know about Hogwarts ghosts, houses classes and teachers and so much more and we had the best sandwich I think I've ever tried" "i can't wait to go to Hogwarts" "oh look at the time we should get ready for the party" avery darted out of my bedroom I signed and went to take a shower I got out and threw on my robe and walked out of my bathroom and day down at my vanity to work on my hair I was in the middle of blow drying when I her a tap on my balcony door I clenched my robe and walked slowly towards the door I didn't know who it was so I was nervous and scared all at once I slowly opened the door and saw Draco standing there "Draco?" "Hey Ava sorry to scare you I wanted to give you something" he held out a corsage wrapped up in ribbon and a small box "Draco what's this for" "is so it does your my date I was going to ask you during lunch but chickened out so will you be my date?" I smiled "sure but why me" "I know ive only known you like a day or two but I like you Ava and would much so like to take you to your parents party" , he grabbed the bid and opened it and inside was a beautiful necklace with a serpent  "wire Draco thanks but what's this for?" "It's a Malfoy tradition when you have a date you always provide a gift" I turned around and he put it on me "wow thanks Draco its beautiful" "just like you I'll see you in a bit I'll be there to escort you" he kissed my forehead and my legs turned weak and my heart melted and he went back out the door after he left I did my hair nails makeup and then got dressed the necklace went perfect with my dress:

There was s knock on my door I opened it and saw avert standing there in purple "had to see your dress do you like it" "I l love it Avery" "and what do you think of mine?" She said swirling around "its beautiful"


"Ready?" She said smiling at me "ready" we locked arms and warped to the staircase and when we got to the bottom Draco and Blaise were there to escort us I took Draco's arm and Avery took Blaise and we walked into the dining room and took our seats after dinner was served and after we ate everyone moved to the ballroom to dance, mingle and drink draco and I were dancing "you look beautiful Ava" "thanks" I said smiling "so ready for Hogwarts?" "Yes but no I'm a little nervous" "about what?" "I don't know new people, new school, new surroundings just allot of new stuff" "you'll be fine promise I'll be there Avery will be there and your brother will be here" I smiled "guess your right I'm over reacting" "no is normal to be nervous I was my first day but it all turned out fine" "you right I'll relax" I said smiling Draco was stairing at me "what?" "Nothing your just really beautiful" "thank you" he just grinned at me "let's go for a walk" he gave my hands and led me outside to the pavilion laced with lights and white flowers he sat down and motioned me to sit with him "I really hope you get into Slytherin I would love to see you every day anytime I wanted you have such s beautiful smile and your eyes are amazing how is it I've only known you a day or so and you are ahead driving me crazy?" I laughed "I'm sorry I can stop if you want?" He got closer to my face and cupped my cheek in his hand my heart stated beating like crazy and i got short of breath he got closer to me I got fuzzy from his scent he smelled so good like mint and musk my body got hot next thing I know his lips crashed against mine breathless I gave his head and pulled him closer I don't know what got into me I just couldn't help myself I found mmyself taking his tux jacket off and undoing his tie as I started to unbutton his shirt he stopped me "not here" "where?" "Your room come on" he grabbed my hand and we come the lattis to my room he shut the balcony door and locked it while I locked my bedroom door he then pulled me back into a kiss and late me gently on my bed I unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a rock hard toned body I ran my hands down his stomach and saw goosebumps rise on his skin he stopped me "sure you want to do this?" "Yes im positive" I started kissing him again "don't want you to do anything you don't want to" "Draco relax I'm not a virgin and my body isn't taking me to kick you in the balls" he laughed then kissed the crook of my neck causing chills up my sound causing me to moan he then gracefully undid my dress and pulled it off then kissing down my body stopping at my panty line then skillfully removing them with his teeth "my Draco your an expert" he smirked as he disappeared between my legs I gasped at the feeling and grabbed his hair he kissed his way back up my body when I felt him enter I was taken to a place of pure bliss.


After we finished we got dressed and fixed our hair then headed back to the party when we entered the ballroom we were greeted by Avery "where have you guys been daddy's been looking for you" "just down at the pavilion talking why?" "Wanted you to meet his boss and a few other people" "oh in sorry it's fine just worried at least your OK let's go party!" She grabbed my hand and drug me to the ballroom where we danced finally on the last slow song Draco cut in it was build this love by Dan and shay "I've had a good time tonight Draco" "me to" he said smiling and running my cheek with his thumb "I just met you but feel like I've known you for ages" he said grinning I smiles at him we'll have to do this againsometime" the sung ended he kissed my hand and left a long with everyone else once everyone left and the house was clean I heard upstairs to change and shower I then went to Avery's room and knocked she answered "you OK Ava?" "Yes I'm great wait till I trek you about my night me and Draco had a moment a big moment" she gasped "you didn't?" I bit my lip and shook my head yes "oh gawd  well how was it?" "Amazing Avery and it felt right it really was great I think I like him" she smiled "at lest one of us for some action" she said laughing she hugged me "better get she sheep busy day tomorrow" "right night" I went to my room and went to bed couldn't wait to see Draco tomorrow.

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