Samantha or Sam is a party girl yes but she doesn't always go to them and parties. She isn't in love with sex but she will have it when she is in the mood, but that's hasn't happened at all recently. She isn't much of a drinker but she drink it when she wants to have a good time or when she is angry. She would also love to kick Vincent's ass because of how annoying he is with his teasing. Vincent is her half brother Gabriel's best friend. But when Vincent and Sam aren't fighting they are great to be around. Hell they are even sort of like best friends when they aren't fighting. Vincent is the closet thing she has to a best friend. But she would still love to kick his ass.

So what happens when Vincent isn't exactly being his normal annoying self to her? What if he is acting completely different towards her? But what if her past becomes the best of her and she pushes the one person she trusts the most with her feelings away? And how can she act on Vincent's actions without betraying her brother?


1. prologue

Samantha or Sam Kingwood is 20 years old well she is a party girl but not all the time. She goes to parties a lot but she doesn't always enjoy them. She doesn't really like alcohol but she will drink it when she wants to have a good time or sometimes when she is angry. She doesn't love sex but she will do it when she wants to which is not very often. So there's that. She doesn't like to talk to people really unless she has to which is only when she is at work, but any other time she will not talk to you at all, so she isn't a very open person. She also isn't a very friendly person either, and she won't hesitate to get into a fight with someone.

She has deep grey eyes and long light brown hair. She is lightly tanned, and is what she doesn't want to be. She is very skinny and she doesn't like it. She wants to have meat on her body but because of unwanted life style it's what she has to live with. She tried everything to gain weight but she can't get over weight without getting sick and making her loose it all plus loosing more. Her whole life she was controlled of everything little thing she did. She had no freedom or anything normal as a kid. But that changed when she turned 14 her mother gained full custody of her again. At first she didn't talk to anybody but a couple years later she opened up more. It's not like she didn't know her mom or anyone. She saw them on holidays and every two weekends, and stayed with them over the summer. But she never stayed with them for so long and she didn't know if they were like what she used too. There are times now when Gabriel her half brother would try and control what she does and well it never ends well for either her or him. Sometimes he even uses her past against her, but not all the time.

When she was in high school she caused a lot of trouble. She was a pain in the ass, but she changed when she got to her senior year. There were times when she slipped up and got in trouble but not a lot. And well now she completely different, and doesn't do anything that is bad unless she needs to.

Yea her brother gets mad when she gets into fights and starts trouble with anyone. But Gabriel changes when she gets into it with Vincent. Like he most of the time takes Vincent's side, and very rarely takes her side. But lately he has been getting mad and overprotective when Vincent is around.

Vincent is my best friend sort of and my brother can't seem to understand that. But mostly Vincent is annoying. But I don't hate him because well he has been there for me when I couldn't go to my family. But it's not like he knows what I went through when I was living with my dad, but most of the things I told him that I was going through was because of my dad. Like he about some things that my brother and our mom and his dad don't. But he doesn't know the whole story like they do. But I have a feeling he does he just doesn't to tell me he knows more than I am telling him. But it's okay at least he isn't acting how my brother is acting.

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