Samantha or Sam is a party girl yes but she doesn't always go to them and parties. She isn't in love with sex but she will have it when she is in the mood, but that's hasn't happened at all recently. She isn't much of a drinker but she drink it when she wants to have a good time or when she is angry. She would also love to kick Vincent's ass because of how annoying he is with his teasing. Vincent is her half brother Gabriel's best friend. But when Vincent and Sam aren't fighting they are great to be around. Hell they are even sort of like best friends when they aren't fighting. Vincent is the closet thing she has to a best friend. But she would still love to kick his ass.

So what happens when Vincent isn't exactly being his normal annoying self to her? What if he is acting completely different towards her? But what if her past becomes the best of her and she pushes the one person she trusts the most with her feelings away? And how can she act on Vincent's actions without betraying her brother?


4. 3

I woke up with the strong erg to pee I made move to roll out of bed but I smacked into a warm muscular chest. I groaned in annoyance. I completely forgot Vincent is here with me. I am instantly regret having my bed against the wall. I have to pee so bad that I have pains in my lower stomach area. I try to push Vincent away from me but he first budge. I try to pry his arm off me but it doesn't work either cause he tightens his hold on me.

I let out a whine of annoyance. This is one reason why I don't like sleeping with him. He can sleep through anything that it is practically close to impossible to wake him up. So I try to wiggle away and I literally almost suffocated when I did that but I got free. I am currently sitting on my pillow watching Vincent reaching out for something. Which that something is probably me. So I grab the pillow I was cuddling with and put it in my place. He gabbed it instantly and snuggled into it mumbling something.

I have to find a way to get off this bed without moving to much. I stand up really slowly and I balance myself when I bring one foot up and put it on the other side of his body. So now I am standing over him with both legs in either side of him. I feel him squirm and he hits my leg slightly but I almost loose my balance. I wait till he gets comfy again before I try and get down easily in my position. So I bring my left up and step over his body again like I did the first time. Just as I easily get it over him my toe brushed his exposed arm thank god he doesn't move. Now I'm good to get down.

So I get off the bed and I practically run to my bathroom and pee. Once I am done I wash my hands and brush my teeth to avoid bad breath. I come out and Vincent is laying on his back spread out like a starfish with his mouth open. I stifle a laugh. I get this evil plan in my head about how to mess with his sleep. I smirk evilly and I walk to end of my bed and I get on it in a squatted position and well I leap onto his body. He bolts awake with a scream and he throws me off his body.

"What the fuck!" He yells angrily. I'm on the floor on my back laughing my ass off. I am laughing so hat I have tears rolling down my face.

"Are fucking kidding me right now Samantha! It's seven o'clock in the morning!" He roars thrusting the covers off his body and gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom grumbling something under his breath. He slams the door shut still grumbling something.

I sober up from my laughing fit and I get back in bed laying in Vincent's spot with my arms behind my head. I wait for him to come out of the bathroom once I hear the toilet flush and the sink running. But instead of my coming to my room he his to his. I know this because the door slams shut.

Man I forgot he gets pissy when people wake him up. Now he won't be able to sleep good because he's he pissed and then he well it'll be world war three in this house. I wait a couple minutes before I get out of bed and I make my way into his room through our bathroom. I open the door and I see him laying on his back with the covers all messed up.

I feel guilty now because he was sleeping so soundly in my bed and I went and fucked it up by jumping on him because I wanted to mess with him. I mean I would be mad took and I know where he is coming from but it was funny at the time. But now it was a bitch move and really fucked up on so many levels especially since he doesn't sleep much as it is. I make my way quietly over to the other side of the bed and I slowly make my way onto the bed. I scoot close him and I see his eyebrows scrunched up and his lips in a frown. I get under the covers slowly and I bring the covers up to cover his body and I rest my cold hand his warm back. His eyes snap open and he looks down at me with very pissed off eyes. He looks so pissed that I want to leave. But I don't instead I softly run my finger nails up and down his back. He is still looking at me like he wants to kill me but I continue what I am doing.

"I'm sorry Vinny." I whisper softly.

He just looks at me with the same expression his eyes never leaving mine. Causing me to gulp and making my fingers stop their movements. I slowly take my hand off his back causing a low growl to come from him.

"Vincent I'm sorry I jumped on you its just I was I don't know what I was thinking and I know it was a bitch move to do to you while you are sleeping. I shouldn't have done that while you were finally sleeping after not sleeping for the last two weeks. I'm sorry I came in here and touched you but I was trying to help you relax to sleep again because I thought that it would because I don't know it's relaxing? It's just I'm-" I start to apologize nervously when he interrupts me.

"It's ok Sammy." He says quietly. Well tried to but his voice came out deep and husky. His morning voice sent shivers down my spine all the way down to my toes.

What the hell? Is this? I think to myself.

"No it's not." I argue with him. "I should just leave before I make you more pissed that you already are. You need to sleep and I need to leave you alone so that does happen." I scolded feeling like a complete ass for coming in here. I try to get off his bed but it doesn't exactly workout so well for me, because well one, I get tangled in his covers and two, he gets ahold of my wrist and pulls me back to him. I am now half under him but half not. The top half of my body is under him while the lower half isn't.

He doesn't say anything but look down at me intently as if he is trying to tell me something. But honestly I don't have any clue at this point. I am so confused about this whole thing I just stare up at him with a confused face hoping he would explain. But to my luck he doesn't he just looks at me with an intense face, but I can tell he is about to pass the fuck out.

"Vince let me go so you can sleep. You can yell at or whatever when you get up but you need to sleep." I instructed him as I wiggle around to get free from him.

"No I don't want you to leave Sammy besides how can I sleep if you woke me up?" He accused with a slight growl in his tone.

"Vince I'm sorry! But you need to go back to sleep ok? I'll stay in here until you go to sleep but you need to sleep and then you can do whatever you want to me! But sleep for you needs to come first ok?" I plead to him.

"Remember what I told last night?" He questioned.

"I told you I want to spend the lazy day with you? Well I fucking meant it Sammy. I wasn't joking around when I said that." He demanded looking at me with this unknown look in his eyes. I am getting this possessive vibe coming from him but not in a bad way though.

I gulp and look at him not saying a word. Waiting for him to continue because how the fuck do you respond to that? Or better question how the fuck do I answer to that?

"So are you going to comply with me right now or do I have to persuade you to listen to me? Because either way I will get what I want and you know how much I like getting what I want. So which is it baby girl?" He whispers in my ear huskily his breath tickling my ear sending shivers throughout my body.

I feel my breathing get harder and faster. I feel like I am about to pass on the outside while my insides are jumping for joy basically. And I do know how much he likes getting what he wants that it's an honesty turn on like no lie. Like he may be annoying and I want to kick his ass but I'm not going to go ignore that he is fucking sexy as hell and that I know what he means by persuading me and what comes out of that. But also there's the fact that he is somewhat like my best friend and I can't be attracted to my 'best friend', who is also the person who annoys the shit out of me in every way, and the biggest one of all he is also my brother best friend practically his brother! So is majorly off limits to me in every way no matter what I do I will be fucked.

"I-I-I umm well I guess I'll stay?" I stutter quietly.

"Good I'm glad you see it my way. Besides you owe me for waking me up." He smirks down at me.

He gets off me and lays on his side facing me. He waits patiently for me to get situated and comfy before he snuggles to me. Well he doesn't snuggle to me he lays most of his body on me. His head is laying on my chest and he wraps his arms around my body possessively. I just lay there not knowing what to do. I mean I am used to him cuddling with me and stuff but he never was like this at all. He was never this touchy I guess you could say or this cuddly with me like ever! All we ever did was spoon and that's it but never this.

"Rub my back like you were doing earlier." He orders me. I just lay there for a while to process his demand. "Rub my back baby girl." He growls lowly tightening his hold on me but hard enough to where it hurts me.

I do what he says and run my fingers up and down his back softly. I can't go all the way down to his lower back because he is too big for me. I feel him relax fully into me and he snuggles deeper into me if that's even possible. And well this goes on for a long until I feel myself slowly falling asleep with my hands on his smooth warm muscular back.

I remember briefly waking up and I was completely under Vincent but it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I felt safe and protected. It was like he was shielding me away from everyone so they don't see me. Then I remember waking up briefly again and I was on my side snuggled into his chest with my face in his neck and again his arms were still around me. I swear I changed positions with him so much. But not once did he wake up I remember looking at him and he looked like he did in my room while he was sleeping.

We were asleep all day and I was perfectly content and safe I could sleep all day I could.


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