Samantha or Sam is a party girl yes but she doesn't always go to them and parties. She isn't in love with sex but she will have it when she is in the mood, but that's hasn't happened at all recently. She isn't much of a drinker but she drink it when she wants to have a good time or when she is angry. She would also love to kick Vincent's ass because of how annoying he is with his teasing. Vincent is her half brother Gabriel's best friend. But when Vincent and Sam aren't fighting they are great to be around. Hell they are even sort of like best friends when they aren't fighting. Vincent is the closet thing she has to a best friend. But she would still love to kick his ass.

So what happens when Vincent isn't exactly being his normal annoying self to her? What if he is acting completely different towards her? But what if her past becomes the best of her and she pushes the one person she trusts the most with her feelings away? And how can she act on Vincent's actions without betraying her brother?


2. 1

I was leaning against the wall as I watched people dance and drink. I also saw the girls be sluty around my brother and his friend. My brother wasn't paying attention to any of them because he was paying all his attention to Molly. Molly is a friend of Vincent's family. She grew up with them basically and she tries to be friend me but I don't acknowledge her. She is currently drunk and is grinding her ass against Gabriel. It's honestly disgusting, but I know nothing will happen between them because well she may be shit faced but my brother knows she doesn't want to have drunk sex especially if she won't remember it while he will. And I may not be her friend and think she is annoying as fuck but I'm not going to let anything happen to her while she drunk especially with my brother. I continue to watch then closely not really paying attention when someone comes up to me.

"Please don't look so enthused Sammy." I hear Vincent's voice in my ear. The smell of beer invades my nose.

"Well that's because I'm not enthused." I tell him with no emotion. "And call me Sammy one more time and I'll make you wear that beer you got from one of your sluts." I tell him seriously without removing my gaze from Molly and Gabriel. He just turned her around and wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her closer to him. She wraps her arms around his neck and brings his head down to hers so that there foreheads are touching. I see him telling her stuff and she is wearing a big smile.

I feel pain of jealousy fill me because I know I will never have that. Hell I didn't have that when I was drunk like her. All I got out of being drunk was either a one night stand when I was in the mood for it or a fight. I haven't had a one night stand since I was 19. Now all I get is fights and me making a fool out of myself. Sure I'm jealous of what is going on with Molly and Gabriel because I know I can't have that because well I push everyone away. Hell I don't even like talking to anyone, but that's just how I am. I only really like talking with my mom, Gabriel's dad, Gabriel, and even Vincent. But that's because I can trust them.

I look away from them and up at turn towards Vincent. I see he looking down at me with something floating around in his eyes. I let out a breath and grab his hand and pull him onto the dance floor. I make sure we are out of sight from Gabriel.

"Dance with me before I punch someone in the face." I tell him. He just nods and puts his hands on my hips while I put my hands on his chest. We know it's not a slow song but we just sway anyway. It's something he used to do with me over the summer when we went a beach party and Gabriel pissed me off. Vincent would take me away and sway with me until I was calmed down. And well to this day he does it still or I make him do it with me.

"What's wrong Sammy?" He asks in my ear so that I can hear him over the music.

"I'll tell you later but right now can we just sway please Vince." I ask him quietly clenching his shirt.

"Anything you want Sammy you got it." He tells me and it didn't sound as a saying it sounded like a promise.

I don't know how long we swayed for but it must have been for while because I heard Mollys' loud squealing voice over the music. And by the sound she was heading towards us. I was about to push Vincent away but he clenched my hips tighter not letting go. I brought my head back and I turned my head and I saw his head on my shoulder and his eyes were closed. He wasn't sleeping he was just at the moment lost in thought.

"Awe look all comfy cozy with each other! And here I thought you two didn't like each other!" Molly giggled loudly causing people to look at us.

My body stiffened at her loud words. And I saw Gabriel heading towards us and he didn't look happy one bit. I clenched Vincent's shirt. "Molly shut the hell up!" I hissed at her. She is going to cause a fight again between me and Gabriel. She always does this when she is shit faced. And honestly it's fucking annoying.

"But whyyy! You two are so cute! Don't you think so Gabe!" She squealed and looked up my brother.

"What the hell is this Sam!" He yelled causing everyone to stop and look at us. Now there was no music on and everyone has there eyes on us.

I didn't get any words in before Gabriel grabbed Vincent and yanked him away from me. Gabe was about to punch him but you know me I had to stop it because Vincent didn't do anything it was all my fault. I jumped in front of Vincent and grabbed Gabes fist.

"What the hell! Are you seriously going to punch him! He didn't even do anything! Honestly he didn't even touch me in anyway he kept his hands to himself unlike some people I know! So you need to back the fuck up and calm the hell down! I didn't jump down your ass when you had you hands all over Molly or jump down her ass when her ass was all over you!" I snapped at him. I looked over at Molly who was clenching Gabes arm. She looked scared and looked like she was about to cry.

"Don't you ever come near me again with your drunk ass! I always let do you want when your shit faced with my brother, but don't expect to just sit back now. I want you stay the fuck away from me when I'm here! Don't come to me when you are in trouble here and don't expect me to come to your rescue when Gabe does something. Because now you are on your own and if you don't like that then stay the fuck away from this part of his life." I told her seriously and pushed past everyone and out of this house. I pulled out my keys from my pocket and went to my car and drove away without looking back. I didn't care that Vincent was calling after me and he'd probably get into a fight with Gabriel but honestly I wasn't going to stick around to get yelled at in front of everyone like a little girl.

I made it to my house safe and sound and I went into my house and straight up to my room. I went straight into the bathroom and stripped my clothes off and went into the shower.

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