The Sweetest Perfection

Dean Ambrose is a vampire. Cold, calculating, mysterious, and deadly. He is also the hottest WWE superstar on the roster. He learns a secret that would bring him power in the vampire world as well as the human world, but it's a secret that affects someone who has never known the vampire world exists.


3. Secrets and Lies

LaKeisha's POV:

I had never seen Maggie so determined to get us out of Las Vegas. After being discharged from the hospital, I was happy to get back to the hotel. Our time was limited, but I knew the sooner we got out of Las Vegas, the better we would be.

"Hey, I got to meet with Paul and tell him what happened with you." Maggie said.

"Yeah, please tell him that I encountered a vampire, and I have to go on the run." I said, sarcastically.

"You're funny. I'm not telling him that. I am going to say you're severely anemic, and you need a few days rest." Maggie said.

"Are we all set for New Orleans?" I asked.

"Yeah. We leave first thing in the morning. I can't trust Roman, but I think he really wants to help you. Vampire or not." Maggie said.

"It's not Roman I worry about. It's Dean. You didn't see what I saw." I said.

I began to tremble. Flashbacks of what Dean had put me through. He drank from me. My blood stained his lips. I was in a nightmare, and I wondered if I was gonna ever return.

Maggie wrapped her arms around me. She saw the fear in my eyes.

"I promise you that Dean will never get to you again. Not while I'm around. OK? Now, I gotta meet Paul. Get some rest." Maggie said as she hugged me.

I watched as she walked out of the room. Maybe I could close my eyes and finally get that sleep I needed.

Roman arrived at Dean's, who was waiting on him. Dean was furious. How could Roman stop him from finally claiming his queen? Roman saw the look in Dean's eyes as he walked in.

"Roman! What the hell did you do? She was close. I could feel her." Dean said angrily.

"What any brother would do for his sister, protect her at all costs." Roman said.

"What? Sister?" Seth said.

"Yes, LaKeisha is my half-sister. Her father is my father." Roman said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Dean asked.

"My command from my father was simple, make sure that she's safe. You crossed a line, Dean. She could've died." Roman said, angrily.

"She's stronger than you think, Roman. You have underestimated her." Dean said.

"No, I didn't underestimate my sister. She is strong. I saw the way she pulled Maggie away from me. I could have easily killed Maggie. She was under my spell, but LaKeisha pulled her away with her voice. Her powers are growing, Dean." Roman said.

"I know. She is strong, Roman. I felt her strength when she was under my spell." Dean said.

"What about Maggie? Is she a threat?" Seth asked.

"What do you think, Seth? She's LaKeisha's best friend. She will be a threat." Roman said.

"Not if I have anything to do with it. Maggie will be the one who brings my queen to me." Dean said.

"Dean..." Roman started to say.

"Understand, Roman. LaKeisha will not get away from me. Your father, my sire chose her as my mate, and I will claim her. Now if you will excuse me, I must prepare for her." Dean said.

Roman watched Dean walk away. His sister's humanity was at stake, and he hoped that she didn't lose it.

I must have been sleep for hours. Maggie had yet to return, and I lay here in the dark. I wished I could go back to my safe and warm room back in New Orleans. I suddenly wanted my life back. I wanted my normal human life back.

"It's a life you can never get back." I heard a familiar voice say.

Dean. He was here. I sat up in my bed and got up. I turned on my light and faced the man who almost killed me.

"Why are you here, Dean?" I asked.

"I know of your plans. You can't run from me, LaKeisha. I will find you." Dean said.

"You stay away from me! I mean it, Dean!" I said, angrily.

"My love, I told you. You don't have to be afraid of me. I promise to never hurt you." Dean said.

"Dean, I almost died." I said.

"Yet, you didn't. Now, you're running from me. Why?" Dean said.

"Because I need to know everything. This is my life, and no one controls my life. Not even you." I said.

"That's where you are wrong, darlin'. I am in control. You will be mine, LaKeisha. You will be my queen." Dean said.

I suddenly felt my teeth get longer. My body felt stronger. I looked at Dean spoke.

"Decanus Ambrosius recedemus!"

Suddenly Dean hissed at me and spoke to me in ancient Latin.

"Te non potero, in saecula. Ego te inveniat. Te fore."

Suddenly the door flew open, and Seth Rollins was standing before me. I grabbed him and threw him across the hall.

"Dean, you will not control me!" I said.

"Seth, take her!" Dean said.

"With pleasure." Seth said as he got up.

I didn't know if I could muster up my strength again. I tried, but I am only half-vampire. Maggie arrived as Seth grabbed me.

"Maggie!" I yelled.

"Let her go, or I promise you that you won't see the next Wrestlemania." Maggie said.

"Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! I think you don't have much of an advantage. You're just a mere human. Food, if you must know. I can snap your neck without thinking. Do you really want to challenge me?" Dean said, walking towards Maggie.

"I don't think. I know. Let her go." Maggie said.

I felt Seth's grip around my neck tightening. My head began to swim. I needed to find my strength. Maggie was in a confrontation with Dean, and I needed to get us out of here. Suddenly, I saw Roman walk in behind Maggie.

"This is not the time, Dean." Roman said.

"She's running from me!" Dean said.

"She needs to know. She needs answers. Let her go!"

"Maybe we should take Mags here." Seth said.

"Touch me, and you won't live to see another 100 years." Maggie said.

"Maggie, I will let her go for now, but I will be back for her." Dean said.

"You won't get lucky next time, Dean." Maggie said.

Dean laughed. "We shall see."

Seth's hands left my neck, and he and Dean were gone. I collapsed on the floor. Maggie rushed over to me.

"LaKeisha, you OK?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah. What the hell were you gonna do, Maggie? Dean could've killed you." I said.

"I would've figured something out. You think I would let him take you?" Maggie said.

"Maggie, Dean would've killed you. You can't play this game with him." Roman said.

"Why are you here? Haven't you done enough?" Maggie said.

"Maggie, I want to protect LaKeisha as much as you want to. She's gonna need us. Dean is powerful. She's powerful as well, but she needs answers. Get to New Orleans. I will buy you some time." Roman said.

Dean watched as Roman and Maggie helped me up. Seth was seething. He wanted Dean to give him the OK to kill Maggie.

"She should have been dead. Drained lifeless. Why would you let her live?" Seth said.

"Because Maggie is the key to bring her to me. If I turned Maggie, then she will have no choice to follow her. She will not let Maggie be alone, and Maggie will be my enforcer. She will protect my Queen. I have big plans, Seth. Right now, she needs her answers." Dean said as he turned to walk away.

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