Heroes of olympus characters x reader

Heroes of Olympus boys x reader


6. Jason Grace No. 2

You and Jason walked along the beach looking at the sun set. Suddenly Jason stopped and doubled over. His eyes went from sky blue to gold. He looked up to you and grinned wildly. He started to talk but it wasn't his voice that came out but a much deeper older sounding voice. "Tricked we were tricked. By the daughter of Aphrodite. Jason Grace son of Jupiter you shall pay !" . Eidolons. You have encountered them numerous times before. Jason smirked as he walked over to you. He spoke it was Jason's voice but it wasn't Jason. "First I'm going to make her feel more loved than you ever had then I'm going to destroy her the only thing keeping you in control." He said but he wasn't taking to you it was like he was talking to himself. A flicker of pain and fear crossed his face for a near second before turning back into a wicked smirk. He put his hands on your shoulders sending electricity through you. He gently put his lips onto yours kissing lightly. You knew it wasn't him but you couldn't help yourself. You melted into the kiss as it bacame rougher and deeper. He dipped you slowly running his hands over the small of your back. He put you on the ground and straddled above you. He slowly leaded down bitting and kissing your neck softly. His hot breathe against your skin gave you goose bumps. You wrapped your legs around his waist a playful smile on your lips. You rolled over so that you were on top of him now. One hand was on his chest while the other dug into the sand inches from his head. You rested your chest on his before sliding your hands to his back. You clawed with your finger nails making him call out in pain. His eyes flickered back to blue for a split second before going back to gold.

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