Heroes of olympus characters x reader

Heroes of Olympus boys x reader


4. Frank Zhang

You got a note that was laying on your bed. It was a secret admirer.

Dear (y/n),

Please meet me in the forest at seven o'clock tonight.

From your secret admirer

You walked into the woods holding the heart shaped note in one hand. You walked into a small meadow. The stars shone brightly in the dark sky and there were paper lanterns hung from branches. And in the center of the small meadow was a blanket laid out with all your favorite foods. Beside the blanket stood your best friend Frank. He smiled at you "hey (y/n)." He said blushing. You walked over to him at sat down. He wrapped a large muscular arm around you. Slow music played as you ate your favorite foods. After you were done he lead you off the blanket and you danced together. Your head laying against his chest as he held you close to him. You looked you to ask him something when you were pulled into a kiss. You jumped up so he could hold you up in his arms. He leaned against a tree but accidentally put to much force into it making you groan as you felt the pain go through you. He stopped for a second to see if he hurt you but you just pulled him back into the kiss. A smile danced onto your lips as you wrapped your arms around his neck. I guess he got a little excited because as he cupped you cheek with his hand and it started turning into different animal paws. You jumped down out of his grasp and sat down in the grass patting it slowly. You both laid there for what seemed like hours pointing out different constellations.

"I love you Frank." You murmured as you drifted off peacefully to sleep.

"I love you too (y/n)." He said as he caressed your soft (h/c) hair.

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