The Zombies and Me

Scenario: You are Cassie Byrnes, a 15 year old girl who is stuck in your house alone, knowing that if you venture outside you would surely perish. You're parents are out of town. The lights are out and so is your cell phone, What are you going to do? This story is a third person, choose you own story. BEWARE.


1. How this works

Hello fellow Movellas!

So glad you decided to look at this book. If you read the book description, this is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN STORY.

You're fate is entirely in your hands, as you go along with the scenario you will find that you need to 'flip' or 'turn' to the page that matches with your choice. In order to do this, you will be required to look for the pages that will be located either at the top right hand corner or the bottom right hand corner.

Phew! Now that we got all the boring things out of the way.

This is your scenario, (it will be a little different to the earlier description):

You are Cassie Byrnes. A 15 year old average teenage girl, you are all alone with only zombies to accompany you. You're parents are out of town, none of your electrical devices work therefore no way to communicate with anyone. It's Australian school holidays in the sunny state of QLD. You have no idea how to fight, let alone survive without your parents. What are you going to do?


Happy reading peeps!

Good luck, and try to survive the zombie apocalypse!



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