Levi x Reader - Prisoners and Paperplanes [AU]

Possible Trigger Warning. Based on the Vocaloid songs "Prisoner" and "Paperplane" sung by Kagamine Len and Rin. I decided to post it here because why not? Hope you like it, I guess.


2. Two

His world was dark.

He was beaten daily, and when the bruises and cuts were just about to heal, new ones formed in their place. He was sent to do tasks like turn the power wheel, and if he didn’t comply, he was whipped. If he was sent to clean the chimney and if it wasn’t up to proper standards, he got seventy-two lashes, and the amount went up each time he failed. It was almost certain that they only punished him for fun – he never left a speck of dirt behind. You could say that he was already in hell, but Levi, a boy only in his teens, couldn’t understand what he did to deserve this. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive long, and when his body had done itself in, he’d be sentenced to death by a gas chamber. He could only pray that Heaven was a better place than this, and that the angels would accept him.

 They had already taken his best friends, Farlan and Isabel, who couldn’t hold out much longer, their screams still haunting Levi every night. It didn’t help the dark circles under his eyes either, and made every day of the camp even more torturous.


His only memories were living with his uncle, who took care of him after his mother’s death. Then one day, he led Levi to a long queue, and handed him over to the soldiers there, silently walking in another direction. He never understood why his uncle would just leave him. Why he would just hand him over to be a prisoner. He guessed that would be many of the things that he would never find an answer to in his short life.

Metal chains tightly bound his arms together. They hurt, and showed no sign of loosening or wearing away over time. The soldiers sometimes took them off of his frail wrists, but that was only to do hard work. There was a time, however, where he could roam freely around the camp, and it lasted for thirty minutes a day. It wasn’t much, but it was the only freedom that Levi would ever get.

During this time, he would just look through the electric fence, and dream about what wonders the outside world could hold. He didn’t have to worry about anything else – it was just him, alone with his thoughts. No one could spoil these precious moments for him…

But he wished they would.

He just wanted to have a friend – someone he could trust. Someone that would just lead him away from the darkness that he was living in. When Isabel and Farlan were with him, he didn’t have a care in the world, and as long as they were by his side, he could survive… But… they were dead. They were gone… Forever…

Levi was alone. As long as he was a prisoner, he would always be alone. Was this really his fate? Why would God, the merciful person that he believed in with all his heart, make him suffer like this?! What did he ever do?! What sin, was so great, that he was forced to live like this?! Why…

He dropped to his knees, gripping the hard dirt beneath him.

Over the fence, this would be grass…

Looking up, he gritted his teeth, all the things he wanted to say to God threatening to spill out. He kept it in, knowing that if they heard him shouting, he’d be punished again. Grey clouds covered the sky, its dullness matching his eyes.

Over the fence, this would be blue, and the sun would light up the day.

Levi’s gaze shifted to his wrists, the deep purple marks from the cuffs still on them.

Though why am I dreaming? I’ll never get to go over the fence. This barren place is where I belong…

After all, I’m nothing more than a prisoner…

An “oof!” was heard behind him, an Levi spun around, his stoic glare meeting the innocent emerald orbs of a little boy.

No… He’s too young…

“Watch where you’re going, brat!” he snapped.

“Sorry, mister!” the boy squeaked.

“Tch, what’s your name?”

“E-eren, sir!” he scrambled to his feet and saluted.

“Don’t do that. It’s not like I’m your Corporal or anything,” Levi rolled his eyes.

“What’s your name?” Eren questioned with a toothy grin. He looked about seven years old, and Levi softened his gaze. The poor boy wasn’t ready to live a life like this – A life full of slavery. The innocence in his eyes… They were so familiar… Eren… Was just like him…

“Levi,” he stated, “now tell me how you got here.”

“Yes sir, Captain Levi!” Eren saluted again, and a smirk crept up Levi’s lips. “Well… My mummy took me to this long line, and when we reached the end, a soldier took my hand and she walked away. This place is scary… But I know my mum will come back for me! So I’m just gonna wait with you until she does!”

No, Eren, she’s not coming back. Ever.

“What’s your mum like?” Levi asked. Maybe he could get clues from Eren of what happened to his uncle.

“She’s the best!” he grinned. “She’s kind, funny, and gets me toys if I’m really good! I’ll ask her why she left me here when she comes back. Then I’ll give her a big hug!!”

Levi looked down. If Eren’s loving mother did the same thing that his uncle did, it could only mean on thing.

So Kenny didn’t abandon me… He was forced to…

He was most likely already dead, and Levi thought he left him on purpose.

And right now, he was the only person Eren had left, the only one who could take care of him. No matter what, he would protect him. The green-eyed boy didn’t deserve this, just like Levi. He was going to be the person that Eren could count on, the person that Levi wished was there to protect him when no one else could.

Should I tell him?

He crossed him arms in thought.

Tell him that she’s never coming?

How would a seven year old take the fact that he was now a lowly prisoner and his mother was death?

Destroy the last bit of hope he has left? Well, it’s false hope, anyway.

Would Levi have wanted someone to tell him the truth? Well, he thought that Kenny had abandoned him. Was it better that way?

He looked at Eren, who was staring at him with a questioning gaze.

No. I won’t. When he’s older, I’ll tell him the truth.

Levi stood up, and widened his eyes to see a girl walking along the long grass on the other side of the fence, her (h/l) (h/c) hair swaying in the wind.

“Huh? Captain, what are you looking at?” Eren asked, but he ignored the boy, continuing to stare at the girl.

She was holding her straw bonnet tight to her, a pink ribbon wrapped around it. Her dress was pure white, a colour that Levi hadn’t seen for a while, and a colour he missed so dearly.

She must have caught him staring at her, because she stopped and looked directly at him. This went on for a while, the two of them gazing into each other’s eyes. Levi had never seen someone so beautiful in his entire life – was she an angel?

Eren looked back and forth between the two of you, “erm…”

Then the girl just shook her head, as if to say, “what am I doing?” and walked away, but that didn’t get rid of the question they both had in their heads.

Who are you?

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