discovering glass



2. brave new worlds


the world is charged with the extremity of fire.

it dances, flames, shakes and casts long shadows

it burns, scalds, crumbles and topples the safety

of people. why then do we not clothe ourselves in cloudy

clothes and keep our minds clean from fear and unrest?

generations have fled, fled, fled, and bled, bled, bled.

It devours, pains and drives them to numbing insanity

It kills, pokes and lifts them up to an angry sky, chilly 

with wrath. 

the world is empty now...let's sit and hush, hush, hush.


the gnarled husks are deep and dark

like deranged bark from dissolute trees.

They hiss, and kindle in little smouldering 

piles of red embers that stay glowing.

but water will drop, drop, drop, drop from 

an empty, empty, empty sky, skies of 

blue and pink fashioned with redness of 

a bloody sunset that glows like virulent 

shades of crimson wounds. 

the world is charged with the coolness of icy

water, white water, water that foams and bubbles, 

splits rock and eats through the flames. 

It is a new world. we must be brave.

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