discovering glass



1. dreaming of the crash


a bitter moon rose over a dead lake

moonlight kissed the surfaces 

of a dead soul that yearned for release

the wan light stroked the backs of foreign entities

moved them into shape and caused them to scream 


a flash of light fell to earth with a ponderous slowness

the abyss rushed at his face and the spaceman closed his eyes

he pressed buttons and heard the bleep of his life dying

a ship crashed and glass flew into the void

the air winced in pain and tried to heal itself 


the moon sat large and lonely

over a crushed white mound 

while the spaceman's eyes bled water 

and he remembered his empty thoughts 

before the impact 

it was a half remembered dream 

with the vividness of reality


dreaming of the crash 

was a beautifully constructed disaster

where perfectly created minds and machines 

go to die 

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