Hunters Of The Fallen

The Black Rose captain, Marina Anne is always out for gold. Hunting the usual hunters for extra coin for her rum. The biggest prize being The Blood Moon. The ship has been wanted for a few months ever since the captain, Davy "Iron" cash took over. No one's able to get to him because of his bodyguards Addilyn, Jayden, and Raven Scarlett. The siblings from hell. Raven was his Quarter master and the next to lead if he were to fall. Can she get the gold to last her a lifetime? Or will she fall under the pressure?


2. The Hunted

The two woman sat in a dark, dinky tavern with drunk men staring at them, only seeing a prize for their heads. Raven took another chug of her drink before slamming it back onto the filthy table where her sister sits across from her. "He's being a pain in my ass!" She slurred.

"What do you expect? He doesn't like pretending and that's what he does. Day in and day out." Addilyn said, drinking her rum a little less violently.

"Raven do this. Raven do that. Who the fuck does he think he is!"

"The captain." Addilyn said matter of fact. She never liked drinking or going to the taverns. She's only going to get her sisters back in case one of these ass holes decide to get some extra coin in their pocket. They were the most wanted crew anywhere they went. Some of the charges were made up to make it more likely for people to get angry and be more eager to go after them. She didn't mind though, she loved the excitement. "It doesn't matter because after all the bullshit your the one in charge."

"It's horse shit Addilyn. He's letting it get to his head."

"I'll get rid of him. All you have to do is ask."

Green eyes met blue as Raven noticed how serious her sister actually was. She knew she would do anything for her and her brother, even take out their own crew. That's what bothered Raven so much. "We don't hurt our people. You know that."

Addilyn rolls her eyes and flicks her hand. "Fuck that rule. Family first."

"Davy is like family to me. I just need to rant and tell someone how he can be a jack wad sometimes."

"Understood little sis." She takes another drink before sighing. "We should go, guards should be making their rounds again."

Raven downed the rest of her drink before getting up and joining her sisters side. Before she could fall in step with her, she was grabbed by the shoulder and tugged back to face a scruffy looking man. "Your that bitch the royal guards are askin for aint ya." He slurred.

Raven smiled before responding with chuckle, "Aren't you the smartest little tool in the shed mate! The one and only bitch Raven Scarlett thank you." She noticed them getting surrounded, Addilyn at her back, ready for the attack.

The blue eyed girl grabs the mans wrist with enough force to make his red hand turn white. She twisted it, causing his arm to turn and crunch under the pressure. "Get your disgusting hands off of me you fucking swine!" The man fell to the ground in pain before being kicked in his balls by Raven to send him on his side crying. The rest of them attacked at once, Addilyn hooking her and Ravens arms together while back to back and kicking forward, sending two men flying to knock down three more. She bent down after landing and spun around, Raven using her boot to make contact with four mens jaws, sending a loud crunch to echo through the tavern. They let go and spread out, Addilyn countering any attack with a strong right hook or push into the counter.

Raven bobbed and weaved each shot they swung, letting the men tire themselves out. She noticed the man to her left was panting so she grabbed his shoulder and jumped up to nail him in the chin with both knees. The man fell to his knees, she landed on his thigh and jumped off to give herself more air as she brought her fist down hard to the other mans eye. They were both on the ground motionless now.

Addilyn knocked yet another guy out. When she thought there were no more, she was hit in the back with a wooden chair that broke on impact. She turned around, looking the man in the eye that could kill him if he looked to long. She smiled and reached behind her to grab a large bottle and smashed it onto the mans skull. Shards of glass clinging to his flesh.

Raven looked over to see Addilyn take out her hidden daggers. She tried running to stop her, but was met with a hard jab to the nose sending her back a bit. Blood poured from the bridge of her nose as her eyes watered. "Ouch." She was about to charge at the man before she heard a loud shot booming in her ears. Everything was still and all eyes were on her. She looked directly at Addilyn to make sure she was okay, but felt a stinging pain in her hip. Raven looked down to notice blood making a dark red spot through her white v neck laced shirt. She looked around to see the shooter. It was a woman with dark red hair and green eyes. She soon ran out of the tavern before guards filled the room. Addilyn ran to her sisters side, throwing a smoke bomb to cover their escape.

She carried her sister over her shoulder so she wouldn't slow them down. She saw two men sitting on the side of the walkway, beyond drunk. She set her sister down before getting the mens attention in an alley way. They followed while whistling and howling at the beautiful blonde haired woman.

The guards were running down the walkway, interrupted by a drunk running into them. "Aye Mates! Want some?" She slurred.

"Get off of me!" The man shouted. "Come on! They couldn't have gotten far!" The guard pushed her out of the way and into a wall. Addilyn smiled and took the hood off and tossing the bottle into the alley way.

"Idiots." She walked over to her sister that was against the wall, wearing the other disguise. "You're going to have to walk."

"I can do that."

She was helped up and they made their way back to the bark. They rowed towards the open sea. "You shouldn't be doing that Raven. It will make your wound worse."

"It's fine. Our surgeon will fix it. Really, its not as bad as it looks."

"Oh good, because I can't see it."

They rowed until they rounded the mountain and a large red and black ship was anchored. Crimson sails were put up and the blood red flag was down. A peaceful, safe place to sleep for the night. They climbed the ladder to meet Davy and Jayden. "Are you alright?" Jayden asked walking up to his siblings.

"Raven's been shot."

"By who!?" Davy questioned.

"I'm not sure. But I will find out."

"Let me know when you do." Davy looked around for anyone to help the woman.

"What happened to the Surgeon?"

"He's no longer with us."

"What happened?"

"He was the rat that gave us up."

"That bastard." Addilyn hissed. "What about the carpenter? He was trained for that stuff to."

"Yeah to amputate a limb, not this."

"I can help." A young woman's voice said. Fearful of speaking out of place.

They all looked over at the light red head. Her usual long hair was in a messy bun, slightly showing her face underneath. "A swabbie?" Davy said amused.

"No our enemy." Jayden snared.

"I trust her." Raven said. Everyone looked at her. "Anythings better than bleeding out. Even being tend to by a Swab."

Addilyn walked up to the girl. "If you do anything to her, I will string you by your toes and feed you to the fish. Understand."

The girl nodded while looking down in fear. "Yes ma'am."

"Get her to the lower deck, make sure it's clean."

Raven was handed off to the red head and helped her to the stairs. "Is anyone following?" Raven asked.

She looked behind them. "No we are alone."

"I'm sorry Mavis. I was rude to you back there."

"You had to be. No hard feelings. I mean you are the reason I'm still alive."

"Yeah, You too." Mavis stopped at that, hazel eyes meeting blue. She was about to question it before the raven haired girl gave a painful grunt. "Medicine. Quick."

Marina sat in the Captain's cabin, waiting for the news from her assassin. The redhead ran through the door, semi out of breathe. "You couldn't knock?"

"Sorry Captain, I have some great news."

"You killed Addilyn?"

"Even better! I got her sister Raven ma'am!"

The brunette stood up frustrated. "You mean to tell me, that you shot Addilyn's sister. THE Addilyn that is known for being brutal and aggressive. THE Addilyn that will kill or do something worse if someone hurts her siblings. THE one that killed her own father to get a new Captain?"

"Well cap, if you say it like that-"

"What the fuck were ya thinkin Cora!"

"I wasn't, I just remember seeing all three siblings in the photo so I shot the first one I saw, the other one was surrounded."

"Do you know that little fuck up will cost us when we go after the ship!"

"I- I'm sorry Captain."

"Get out of my sight." Marina spat as she watched Cora scramble out of the door. "Shit." She said under her breathe. She walked to her table and moved the map to reveal a wanted poster. The Blood Moon Crew. She positioned each poster, one beside the other.

Davy "Iron" Cash... Alive.

Jayden Scarlett... Dead.

Addilyn Scarlett... Dead or Alive.

Joslyn Kinsley... Alive.

Raven Scarlett... Alive.

Marina glanced at Raven's photo for a long while. Studying the girl. She was worth the most coin. Even more than the Captain and crew combined. Even if they caught her dead. 'What did she do?' She thought. She looked to cute and innocent to do any harm, but it's always the people you don't expect. Marina took her quill and marked an X on the girls picture. "She's beautiful, what a shame."

Marina had to show Cora a lesson for making her miss out on all of that coin. Raven's corpse is probably being thrown out to sea by now. She took a deep breathe before sighing and sitting back down, planning on when they would make their next attack on the Blood Moon's crew.

"You're lucky I was able to take it out in time. Not to mention with all the muscle in tact."

"I knew I should've been called lucky." Raven grinned at the lame joke that seemed to be contagious as Mavis grinned as well. "Be honest with me doc... How's my nose? Is it broke?"

"Is that really all you care about?" Mavis playfully nudged Raven's shoulder.

"Ouch." She laughed. "Yeah do you see this?" She said pointing and circling around her face. "This is all I've got going for me."

"I wish you knew how special you really are to people."

"Oh yeah? Who? Besides my siblings and Sam."

Mavis looked down and blushed. "Me." She mumbled.


"Me you jackass."

"Oh how sweet of you buttercup." Raven smirked before touching the red head's cheek softly brushing the pad of her thumb over the girls bottom lip. "You mean the world to me Mavis. I guess you could say that you caught my eye."

Mavis cringed at the bad joke. "Just cause you were fishing when you saved me doesn't give you the right to make a bad line like that."

"You loved it."

There was a moment of silence before Raven licked her lips and glanced down at the girls red plump lips. They were mere inches away before there was a knock on the door and they jumped apart. It was Addilyn. "How is she?"

"I took the bullet out and she's recovering. She'll need a week to fully recover before she goes anywhere."

"Good. I knew you were hard to kill sis." Addilyn said while smiling. "Come on, Jayden killed a bullhead shark! It's supper time!"

Raven rolled her eyes at what just came out of her sisters mouth before carefully getting up and looking at Mavis. "Ready?"

"Yeah." She smiled as she followed them out.

Marina finished the last chug of rum when a very tall, toned tan woman walked up to her and leaned her arms against the beam of the ship. "Any news on Davy's crew?"

"We have an insider. They treat her like trash, I offered her a nice place and ranking her on this ship when their ship is burned."


"A young lady. Mavis Pandora." Marina smirked.

"The one they saved?"

"I sparred her for a reason Zariah. The plan is finally coming together. We strike as soon as we get word from her." The woman smiled as she threw the now empty bottle into the ocean and grabbed Zariah roughly by the hips. "We'll finally get the prize of a life time."

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