Hunters Of The Fallen

The Black Rose captain, Marina Anne is always out for gold. Hunting the usual hunters for extra coin for her rum. The biggest prize being The Blood Moon. The ship has been wanted for a few months ever since the captain, Davy "Iron" cash took over. No one's able to get to him because of his bodyguards Addilyn, Jayden, and Raven Scarlett. The siblings from hell. Raven was his Quarter master and the next to lead if he were to fall. Can she get the gold to last her a lifetime? Or will she fall under the pressure?


1. Get To Know Them

The Black Rose Crew

Captain Marina Anne...

She was 19 years old when her crew decided to make her captain. The previous, was her father, Henry Anne. He went crazy and was bloodthirsty. Marina outvoted 5 to 1. She loved her father and wouldn't want anything to him, but what he had become wasn't the man that raised her. She had no control over the punishment, it was the Quarter Master's job to decide and he did. Maxx chose to leave him stranded on an island. This way Marina knew he had a fighting chance. Ever since then, they had begun hunting for gold. Sometimes a treasure hunt, but mainly bounties. It's what's she's good at, the best actually. The Black Rose was named after the brothel she and Maxx would visit. Marina has a reputation that she intends to keep, taking on the nickname of Marina "Black Heart" Anne.

Maxx Kyan...

Quarter Master Maxx was a slave since birth before becoming a part of Marina's crew. He had always heard stories about the ship and their old Captain. The strongest ship in the sea. He knew he wasn't put on this earth to be no better than the dirt he sleeps on every night. He was twenty when he panned his escape. His brother was to go with him, but was shot down while distracting the guards for him to escape. He stole a bark and went to the next island he saw. It was filled with beautiful woman and what he had been craving, rum. That's where he found Marina and they immidietly bonded. Well, after a little bar fight. He was quickly accepted to come aboard and arose even faster in the ranks from his speed, strength, strategy and loyalty.

First Mate Cora Bexley- Cora was a young woman who was raised as royalty. She was twenty three when her father, the imperials lieutenant, tried yet again to arrange marriage with some jack wad. After a long evening with people who are practically strangers, she stuck out to a bar and immidietly saw the captain of the Black Rose. She walked right up to them, dress and all and said, "I want to join you."

Marina and her men laughed before the brunette responded with, "Show this little girl the door."

As Maxx reached to grab her arm, she quickly maneuvered out of the way to grab his forearm and flip him, leaving an echo and small vibration to fill the wooden floor. She looked at the brunette who was smirking. "Alright. You have my attention."

Zariah Yvette- A twenty year old beautiful dancer that Marina met one night and couldn't keep her hands off. She rides along for the Captain's own needs. Little to Marina's knowledge, Zariah had been training to be a swordsman all her life, but will keep it from everyone as long as she can.

The Blood Moon Crew...

Captain Davy Cash- A strong man who is master at strategy and navigation. He has been on a pirate ship for as long as he could walk and has loved every minute of it. He had taken this from one of the people who wanted his head on his bowsprit as a trophy, instead, it is the hunters head at the aft of the ship, near the explosive barrels. Him and his crew were the most wanted ship in the Sea, and he intended to keep it that way. Above the crimson sails was a pure red flag. The Blood Flag meaning the crew of the ship will give no quarter to its enemies and won't take quarter if offered to them. They never took prisoners. He has been in many fights which led to the name Davy "Iron" Cash.

Quarter Master Raven Scarlett- Her father was an assassin turned pirate and taught her everything she knew about fighting and predicting every move. She is a master of stealth and a true duelist with her fathers blades, along with her brother and sister Addilyn and Jayden. Each having their own abilities to make them the ultimate trio. Together they are unstoppable. Raven was always the one that showed pity towards others. She wasn't as aggressive or easily angered like her twins. Always giving people a chance. Just making it that no one finds out. If the crew knew, she would be tossed overboard like her father was many years ago. She was twenty when her and her best mate Davy took charge of the Blood Moon after her father's death.

Sailing Master Jayden Scarlett- He was forced into being a pirate when his sisters joined at the age of fourteen. He was always good at navigation and sailing so he fit the part. Out of his twins, he is the powerhouse and loves causing pain. If the Captain ever needed answers from someone, he would be the one to go to. After eight years on the ship and getting his first kill, he couldn't get enough of it.

Master Gunner Addilyn Scarlett- Her and Raven were very close from a young age, always having each others back. She never got along with her father and always rebelled any chance she got. She was the reason her father was tossed overboard, a set up to get some one in charge. She was cold blooded and feared by everyone. The only people she won't kill with looks is her crew. She is a master assassin.

Rigger Joslyn Kinsley- She always loved danger and heights. Doing what no one else would do. Some people called her stupid for it, but if the shoe fits... Well... Once she was offered to be a rigger and be at incredible heights to release sail, she couldn't refuse. It was the most dangerous job in the ship after all.

Swabbie Mavis Pandora- She used to be a Quarter Master before The Black Rose took her ship down and left her stranded in the water. She was in the ocean for days before being picked up by Raven while in the middle of fishing. After the girl cared for Mavis, they started growing attached to each other, but kept the feelings to themselves. They were enemies and if the crew found out Raven had a soft side for her, they would both be dead. The only reason she hasn't been sent away is because the Captain agreed to let her be a swab. Cleaning the deck and making sure the ship looked its best. 

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