Put In The Friend Zone

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4. Airport

Nate's P.O.V

I'm so glad that my son has finally asked her out. 2 whole years, 2 years he has waited till this day. To be with the one he loves. I said my goodbyes to them both. I watched them disappear into the airport.

Phoenix's P.O.V

We walked into the lounge where we would wait for the plane to arrive. I still couldn't get over that Callum's cousins are One Direction.

Callum's P.O.V

We were waiting in the lounge where our plane will be boarding and I couldn't help but stare at Phoenix, all her perfect imperfections. She sat down on her chair silent until she started to stare at me. I quickly looked away and she complimented me by saying "You just so perfect" I blushed I know I did "Coming from you. You're so perfect I'm trying to get my head around how lucky I am to have you. I didn't understand when you said yes I had to pinch myself to see if it were true." She started to giggle "I've liked you since day one". Then I heard I plane was boarding so she stood up fixed up he clothes and started to walk to the gate, I just stood there like an idiot and watched her. I really need to stop doing that. I quickly caught up with her and we had our tickets checked. We were walking down the ramp to the plane and she grabbed my hand. I knew from then on this holiday was going to be amazing.

Phoenix's P.O.V

I quickly got a hold of Callum's hand, I was kinda scared of the take off and landing. I just needed to know I was safe and with him I felt like I was. We sat down in our seats and he turned to look at me I planted a kiss on his lips "So now you kiss me" he joked "of course I would, why wouldn't I" I winked and we put our seat belts on ready for take off. As we were taking off I squeezed his hand and I could see he knew I was scared so he held my hand with both of his.

Callum's P.O.V

I felt her hand tighten around mine, so just to make her feel safe I put both of mine around hers. She loosened her grip. When the plane was calm and up above the clouds the drinks came around "what drink would you like like Phe?" "Apple Juice please Cal" I ordered our drinks and she had the window seat and was gazing out at the clouds. She got out her phone and started reading "what are ya reading?" "Uh ahahah nothing" she laughed. It was probably those fan fiction girls read about One Direction.


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