Put In The Friend Zone

Let me know if I should write more leave suggestions


5. After a the Flight

~after the flight~

Phoenix's P.O.V

We got up off our seats and started to walk off the plane, we could feel the cold breeze as. I wrapped my jumper around my shoulders and Callum pulled me closer to him to keep me warm. We walked in to the airport "Hungry?" " little bit" "how about we get McDonalds on the way home?" "Yes Please I love maccas" he laughed at what I had said "who doesn't". We got our bags and wandered out to the car park. We spotted our taxi and put Bags in the back "Nearest McDonalds please" Callum said with a smile on his face.

Callum's P.O.V

We walked into Maccas and ordered 2 happy meals, never get to old for them. On the way home we chomped our nuggets down and we arrived at my cousins place "this is it" "are you serious this is huge" "lets find out". We grabbed our bags and payed the taxi driver and walked up to the door. I knocked.

Let me know if I should write more leave suggestions

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