Cold as ice itself, and pale as the snow itself, Michael Clifford is not the type of 6ft boy you should be messing with, unless it's a death with you are asking for.

But when someone crosses his path, his entire life turns all the way around, and maybe he might just show his soft spots.


20. "Kiss Me."

Everyone gets out of the house besides Michael. He told me that he needs help with something. I sit on my bed and I look up at him, giving him permission to speak.

'Why does he look so perfect right now?' I ask myself.

"Thank you," he says.

"What?" I ask.

"I said thank you, and I mean it," he repeats. 

"Well, it's not me. It's you guys, I'm not making you better or help getting attention from the biggest boy band-" I ramble. 

"That's not the answer I was looking for," he says cutting me off.

"Just accept it." 

He walks closer to me, eventually sitting on the bed. He turns his head to mine so he could see my whole face. I look down, my heart pumping out of my chest. I feel uncomfortable, I've never had this feeling ever. I can feel his hot breath on my neck.

"What do you say, Adelaide?" He asks.

God. Why does he feel so hot right now? He's a dick, but he's also a nerd. Calum tells me he's himself with people he's comfortable with. He's apparently a fun loving guy, but I'm having trouble seeing that. 

"You're welcome, Michael," I say back in a shaky breath. He lightly chuckles and is still looking at me. I slowly look up, not ready to face him. He puts is hand on my cheek, his thumb brushing it back and forth. I keep on looking down, avoiding eye contact with him. 

"Kiss me."

"What?" I asked all flustered.

"You heard me, I know you want it too."

"Michael, I-"

Suddenly his lips are attached to mine. It's light and not forceful. I hesitantly kiss back, and he smiles into the kiss. We both pull away, both of our eyes in awe. 

Something unfroze his heart, but I don't know what is.

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