Cold as ice itself, and pale as the snow itself, Michael Clifford is not the type of 6ft boy you should be messing with, unless it's a death with you are asking for.

But when someone crosses his path, his entire life turns all the way around, and maybe he might just show his soft spots.


24. How Did I End Up Here?

Waking up in Michael's arms is a strange but comfortable feeling. 

I feel safe.

I also feel confused.

I flutter my eyes open and I see the back of Michael's head. 

The room is bright, a little too bright.

'Maybe it's just the sun,' I think to myself. 

I try to close my eyes again but it's too bright.

It's almost like I have a fluorescent light in my room.

I hear small little beeps.

'What is that?' I ask myself.

I try to ignore it but they get louder.

I open my eyes and I'm still in my bright room, in Michael's arms.


My eyes slowly open and I see a bright light hanging above me. 

An IV attached to my hand, a blood pressure cuff on the other arm.

A little breathing tube is attached to my nose, blowing air. 

My IV is hooked up to a couple liters of fluid and I figure out that I'm not safe in Michael's arms.

I'm in the hospital.




A female nurse opened up the curtain and takes my vital signs. 

"What happened?" I ask weakly. 

"You just had a little asthma attack, sweetie," she replies calmly. 

An asthma attack? Was Michael smoking or something? I don't just all of the sudden get an attack from sleeping. 


"Your mom thinks it's because you haven't been taking your inhaler. You have to take that everyday to prevent stuff like this." 

"I hate my inhaler," I say sighing.

"It tastes disgusting."

"Well, if you don't want to repeat a hospital visit, suck it up and take it."




"Adelaide!" I hear my mom say.

"You're alright." She gives me a light hug, and my dad does the same. 

"Sorry," I say almost in a whisper.

"Honey, it's okay. Things like this happen all the time. You will probably go home today," my mom says, playing with my long hair. 

I give her a polite nod and smile. 

"Hey, hey you can't go in there!" I hear someone yell.

The curtain is yanked open to reveal a very distressed Michael. 

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