Why things happen


1. Why?

I just told another lie'

Mom made another sacrifice

My sister has a new fear

Dad left

My brother broke another window


Why must things be this way?

Why can't things go right for once?

I could've told mom the truth

And if I did...

She wouldn't have to make that sacrifice

My sister wouldn't have a new fear

Daddy wouldn't have left

And brother would've have gotten in trouble.


She saw the broken window

My brother was in his room telling me not to rat him out

I came out

Mom saw me

I told her that someone broke in

My sister overheard

She now is scared of the dark

My dad left to go fix the window

Mom had to lend him money for the window and now she has to work even more


If I had told the truth...

I look to my brother

"I hope your happy."

I left him there in shame.

Why must things be this way?

Why couldn't I just told the truth?

But if I did... I would've gotten hurt

He would've hurt me again.

It was partially my fault.

He was trying to hurt me, but hit the window instead.

I had to, but then, none of this mess would've been created.

Why does life have to be this way?


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