1. *WIP* part 7 !!

On one of my days off i had to sleep in.


I had had a specifically bad night, some kind of mission, iron in my mouth, blood on my knuckles, smoke, screaming.


I woke up sweating and more exhausted than rested, panting.


He had woken me up, telling me to be quieter, the neighbors would hear us.


I complied slowly, i was shaking somewhat and he got up and dropped his coat over me, i thanked him in a small voice - in some language i knew but even now couldn’t pinpoint.

He shook his head and sat down at the couch on the floor and laid his head back


,,Bucky…’’ i said quietly and he turned his head after a second


,,what?’’ he whispered


,,you have your name…’’


,,you have one yourself.’’ he returned in russian, i closed my eyes and turned on the couch


,,a named thing is a tamed thing….’’ i whispered and turned my head to look at him


,,we’re not things.’’


,,we were. We still are.’’ he sighed deeply, i continued, adding how everything still is hardwired, he couldn’t refuse that since the scene in the kitchen a week before had been executed methodically in a way.


,,we’re not who they say we are.’’


,,we’re not who they say we were.’’ he added and sighed heavily again


,,Bucky…’’ the name tasted strange, like one of the candies i had gotten; bitter but yet sweet


,,Noel?’’ my ‘name’ even stranger I hummed my reply

,,what did you dream?’’


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