Those Who Believe

This is the story of 4 best friends who dared to believe. They dared to be original. I know how cliché that sounds but trust me. This is NOT cliché. I was just a girl and that changed in a year. When 3 very special people walked into my life and refused to leave. I suck at summaries but please read this. Just start it and if you don't like it that's fine. This story may offend people but I honestly don't care. If you don't like it then stop reading. Thanks. **Trigger warning!**


2. Real Friends

I never really had friends. I had people I hung out with sure, but they weren't real friends. Not like Chris, Mirai, Taylor, Eric, and Blaise. I never knew that people like them even existed. I didn't think that anyone could be so different and funny as Chris. I didn't think anyone could be so broken but kind and happy as Mirai. I never knew someone could be as talented and beautiful as Taylor. I never knew anyone could be as logical, loyal, and power hungry as Eric. I never thought anyone could be as fiery, sarcastic and smart as Blaise. I never knew anyone could be as persistent and determined as Tyler. I already told you how I met Chris. Turned out we had 3 classes together. That wasn't a lot but it was better than nothing. Back to the present. I looked down at my schedule. My first period was math. Of course it was. I hate math with a passion. It just didn't make sense. I walked around for a bit completely lost until I saw a girl looking at me. I decided it wouldn't hurt to ask her if he knew where this classroom was. " Hey Im Aella. I just got here today. Can you show me where Ms. Black's classroom is?" The girl smiled and told me her name was Mirai and that she would be happy to show me where it was, as it was on the way to her first period. " So Aella, where did you move here from ,if you don't mind me prying." I told her I just moved from Mountainview. " That's lovely. So what kind of stuff do you like to do?" I smiled at her. She was really friendly and we had just met 5 minutes ago. " I like to read mostly. I write every now and then but im not very good. And I do sports. Don't you dare start judging me but, I played football for my old school." She looked at me like she was impressed. " wow that's really cool! I honestly don't get sports but that's still great. I love reading too. Oh and just so you know, football tryouts are in a week, if you wanted to try out. It would be a great way for you to meet knew people and I think everyone would be pretty interested in seeing a girl kick some butt." I was honestly really happy that I could still have a chance to play. I might be a girl but im rough. " Oh wow. that would be really cool. Thanks for the heads up." She just smiled and smiled. " Not a problem. well this is Ms. Blacks class. Can I see your schedule?" I handed her my schedule and she told me that we only had one class together. " But its next block so i'll see you then. Bye" I told her goodbye and walked into my first class. This was going to be interesting.


I walked in and noticed I still had a couple minutes and that there were only 8 people in the classroom so far. I went up to the teacher and Introduced myself " Hello ma'am. Im Aella Vivien. I just moved here." She looked at me with a smile that looked very forced and I couldn't help but laugh a little. She looked at me confused " Whats funny Miss Vivien? " I told her how forced her smile looked and she laughed as well. " Yeah I guess it is isn't it? Getting new students is very stressful and these little monsters are already more than enough to drive me crazy. I promise it isn't anything personal." I laughed again and I could already tell I was going to get along with Ms Black very well. " Where do you want me to sit" She pointed over to a corner and I gladly went and sat my stuff down. The corner was only big enough for 2 desks. A girl with short blond hair that was shaved on one side and colored blue was sitting at the other desk. She was drawing a little comic strip it looked like. She was so absorbed in her drawing that she didn't notice me sit down at the desk next to her. She stopped drawing and picked up the piece of paper and held it out for a better view. She smiled and looked very proud. I picked up my book I was reading and she finally noticed I was next to her. " Oh hello. I take it you're new?" I smiled at her. " Yeah. Im Aella. And you are?" The girl stuck her hand out.  "Taylor" I shook her hand. " well its nice to meet you Taylor. And I have to say, you can really draw well." She blushed a little. I guess she either didn't show people her drawings or never got complimented. " Can I see your schedule?" I handed her my schedule. " we have next period together too" I took my schedule back. At least I knew 3 people in the same 2nd period as me. That was good. The teacher stood up and closed the door as a bell rang. " Time to get started. Please take out a pencil, last nights homework, and a sheet of paper. Im going to call roll." She started calling names. She didn't seem very strict. That was good. Now I just have to hope the rest of the teachers are kind to. I smiled and mentally prepared myself for the questions that would come once my name was called. It was going to be a long day.

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