Those Who Believe

This is the story of 4 best friends who dared to believe. They dared to be original. I know how cliché that sounds but trust me. This is NOT cliché. I was just a girl and that changed in a year. When 3 very special people walked into my life and refused to leave. I suck at summaries but please read this. Just start it and if you don't like it that's fine. This story may offend people but I honestly don't care. If you don't like it then stop reading. Thanks. **Trigger warning!**


3. Real Friends Continued

Math was finally over, thank god. Nothing very exciting happened and I had already covered all this at my old school. I let my mind wander. This school might not be so bad. I had Chris, Maria, and Taylor. I could try out for the football team and everything would be fine. The bell rang and interrupted my thoughts. I gathered my books and walked with Taylor to our next class. This class was bigger than my last one. This one had 30 people while the last had 18.I walked into the classroom and watched as Taylor walked over to Chris sitting in the chair and Maria was sitting on the desk. I wasn't surprised that they already knew each other. Another girl with dark hair in a pixie cut came over. She was thin and had a look in her eye that clearly said 'fuck off'. I love this girl already. I walked over and was greeted with a hug from Maria and a hello from Chris. " Hey guys. How are you?" Chris and Maria replied " Great" at the same time. Everyone laughed at this. The other girl came and stuck her hand out. " You must be Aella. Maria won't shut up about making a new friend" I shook her hand and laughed. Maria looked like the type of girl that would have many friends but I guess she was just to shy to really make any. " Oh and im Blaise, by the way." Another boy walked up and greeted everyone. He looked at me with a smile. " Oh hello miss. Would you happen be Aella?" I laughed at how formal he was. " Uh yes. And who are you?" The boy replied, " Eric". " Well its nice to meet you Eric." The bell rang and we all took our seats. The teacher put me next to Blaise so it created a area of me and my new friends. None of us payed any attention in that class. We all were smart enough to figure it out on our own later. I found out that Maria is the sweet innocent one that can write amazing poetry. She can also sing and dance really well. But not as well as Taylor. Taylor could sing and dance and draw like nobodies business. She was very motherly over all of us. Even me and we just met. Chris was really dorky and annoying but we all love him anyway. He was a true idiot but he was hilarious even if it was only us that thought so. Eric was power hungry and had a twisted sense of logic that most people would find disturbing but I found it intriguing. Blaise was very sarcastic and the kind you could see to grow up to be a college professor that is addicted to cocaine. She is super smart though, and is a runner so I guess she is the most athletic out of all of us if you don't count me,I guess. You could already tell that me and Blaise were going to be the trouble makers of the group. Maria and Taylor would have to come bail us out of jail and Eric and Chris were going to get it all on video and use it for blackmail later. At the time, I didn't know how broken they all were. We were the definition of chaos but that didn't bother us a bit. We all made broken look beautiful. I didn't think I would really get close to them ,but I was wrong. These are the people that make up my world. I wish I could have seen some of the thing then that I noticed later. These are the people I would take a bullet for. These are my best friends. This is my family. It may be broken, but we are there for each other. Forever and always. It may not be perfect, but its mine.

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