Those Who Believe

This is the story of 4 best friends who dared to believe. They dared to be original. I know how cliché that sounds but trust me. This is NOT cliché. I was just a girl and that changed in a year. When 3 very special people walked into my life and refused to leave. I suck at summaries but please read this. Just start it and if you don't like it that's fine. This story may offend people but I honestly don't care. If you don't like it then stop reading. Thanks. **Trigger warning!**


1. Middle School

Everyone always tells me that everything happens for a reason and that I need to be patient. The hell with patience. I try I really do. But its a bit hard when you don't belong anywhere. Especially here. Why did we have to move to this little town? I had lived in a small town my whole life but this was ridiculous. I had to move when my mom remarried. Our old house was too small for a family. It had always really just been me and my sister. My mom was there too of course but she always had to work and she would come and crash on her bed and get up in the morning and tell us she would see us later and that she loved us. I love my mom and she tries but its a bit hard to raise to kids by herself and she gets paid minimum wage. So we never really needed much room. Then of course my mom had to marry that bastard Andrew. Andrew was bi polar and one of the meanest people I have ever met. He treats us like animals instead of people. I do everything I can to keep my little sister, Harmony, out of his reach. He doesn't deserve to have an influence on her. He knows I hate him and the feeling is mutual. It could be easy to ignore him if I could just take Harmony and go hang out with some friends. The only problem is that I don't have any. Im too antisocial for my own good. Im not shy, I just don't like people. But anyway, back to the present. It was my first day at a new school. I was starting 6th grade at Lakeside Middle School. Andrew somehow managed to get me in the car with him. We pulled up to the double doors in front of the school. He looked at me with that fake sickingly sweet smile. " Have a great day pumpkin!" I just rolled my eyes at that. My dad used to call me pumpkin so now he does it to mess with me. I still talk to my dad and I see him for a few weeks in the summer. He left so that my mom  could remarry and so that he could make more money. If I ever needed anything I could always call dad. Andrews eyes hardened but he continued to smile. " Now that's no way to act, pumpkin" I don't have the patients to deal with this asshole today. " Fuck off ,Andrew." I opened the door to get out of the car. I looked back at his face. " And that Aella, is why your dad left. What an attitude." I was going to fucking kill him if I didn't get out of this car. I ran through the doors and tried to figure out where the office or guidance counselors office was. There were tons of kids in the hall way. I decided to go up to a boy that was standing alone. I went over to him and tapped his shoulder. " Hello. Im new here. Can you show me where the office is?" He was looking at me nervously. I kept a smile on my face. He finally answered after looking me over cautiously. Guess he's just shy. " Um yeah. Here I'll take you there. Im Chris by the way." He stretched out his hand. I took his hand and we shook hand. " Im Aella." He smiled. "Nice to meet you." He started walking and i followed. we were silent half the way before i decided to talk. " So Chris. Are you just shy or do you not like me or am i just too pretty" I said jokingly. He laughed. " Dang it! You caught me!" He replied just as jokingly. " But honestly i guess you're just different from all the stuck up blonds around here. You actually have a sense of humor. That's something." I laughed. I've always been considered different but this was the quickest anyone has ever noticed. We were quiet the rest of the way. "Well here we are. Good luck. See you around Aella." Thanks for everything Chris. Bye. He turned and left and i took a deep breath and walked into the office.

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