Mille is a troubled girl from a small town in Denmark, Calum is an easy-going guy from suburban Sydney. One day Mille's parents decides that it's best for her to move to Australia on her own. Now she has to deal with her troubles alone.


4. Chapter 4.

Calum's POV:

"Hey Cal." My best friend Luke tiredly greets me by my locker. "Hey." I reply sounding just as exhausted as him. "I'm gonna die during history." He says leaning against the lockers rubbing his eyes. "Me too." I answer closing my locker and we walk to the history classroom in silence.

Our teacher, Mr. Wilkerson started the class by saying that the new exchange student is coming any minute and that we have to be nice to her. Everyone in the school is beyond excited about the new exchange student because she's the first one. Some girls even managed to find her Instagram account. I don't really care about the new exchange student. I'm probably not going to have anything to do with her. So why even bother getting excited?

In the middle of one of Mr. Wilkerson's endless historic stories that happened I-don't-care-when in I-don't care-where the new exchange student knocks on the door. "Come in!" Mr. Wilkerson yells at the door. The door slightly opens and a small British voice says: "Hi, I'm new here, is this the history classroom with Mr. Wilkerson?" Everyone immediately wakes up and waits excitedly for the new girl to enter the classroom. "Yes, and you must be the new exchange student, I suppose?" Mr. Wilkerson politely asks. "Yes." The same small voice answers. "Wonderful! C'mon in. Stand in front of the class." As she does I finally see the new girl. She's amazing. Absolutely breathtaking. She's very small but she looks like a fucking supermodel. Her entire appearance is just fucking incredible. Her dirty blond hair is in a bun resting on of her head, her outfit is cool and relaxed, her face is perfectly symmetrical with small freckles and malls and her eyes are enchantingly blue. "So! I suppose you're from Britain?" Mr. Wilkerson says interrupting probably every guy in the classrooms gaze at the new girl. "Actually, I'm from Denmark. I was just taught British English in school." She says looking at Mr. Wilkerson. "Really? Oh, I love Denmark. Beautiful country. Amazing history as well!" Mr. Wilkerson says excited with a huge smile plastered on his face right underneath his red moustache. "So. Tell us a bit about yourself." Mr. Wilkerson then says. "Ehm- okay- my name is Mille, I'm 17 years old, I come from Denmark in a small town near Copenhagen, I'm a makeup artist and I live in small flat in midtown." She says never looking at the class. "Wonderful! What is the city called you grew up in? I've traveled a bit around Denmark, maybe I've been there?" Mr. Wilkerson asks. "It's called Hillerød but the area is called Frederiksborg." She says pronouncing the Danish words with no difficulty even though they sound impossible to pronounce to me. "Yes! I've been there. Gorgeous town! I can't believe you grew up there! I wish I grew up there! Amazing history! Can you tell the class a bit about it?" Mr. Wilkerson asks her with great interest. "Well, in about the 16th century in Denmark the King lived in my hometown and he had a very big Renaissance castle there that his father actually built but then I burned down so he had to build it up again. The King was called Christian the 4th and his father was Frederik the 5th, I think. Christian the 4th got into tons of wars with his archenemy Sweden and he built a lot of buildings and attached to his castle he made a church that to this day is still one of the most beautiful churches in Denmark. He is one of the most memorable kings in Denmark and we study him a lot in school." She explains. She must be fucking smart. Everyone stares at her with their mouths hanging open admiring how she can remember that much about history. "Yes, exactly! You tell it much better than I ever would! Do you like history?" Mr. Wilkerson asks. "Yes, it's my favourite subject." She answers blushing slightly. "Whaaaaat?" I hear a few people whisper. "How?" I hear another whisper. "Well, thank you for that miss- sorry I didn't get your last name?" Mr. Wilkerson asks. "Shiv." She answers. "Wonderful. Well, miss Shiv thank you very much, you may take a seat right next to mr. Hemmings over there." Mr. Wilkerson points to Luke. She walks towards the chair right in front of me, takes off her black leather backpack and pulls out her notepad and a pencil. "Tell me, miss Shiv, are schools in Denmark similar to Australian?" Mr. Wilkerson asks. "No not even close." She chuckles. God that sound. Please never stop doing that. I think. Woah, stop it there Hood! When have you ever thought that?! My mind argues back. "High school in Denmark is kind of a mix between your high school here and college, since we don't go to college. It only lasts 3 years because we through 10 years of grade school. I chose to take an extra year at continuation school so I started a year later than usual. Everything happens through computer including noting which you always do since there's so much information in every lesson. And you always calls the teachers by their first names." She explains as if she was reading up from a perfectly written analyse. "Oh, so this is kind of easy for you I guess?" Mr Wilkerson asks her. "I don't know yet." "Of course, of course. Anyway, moving on!" Mr. Wilkerson says and continues his incredibly boring story which Mille actively listens to and takes notes to.

Halfway through Mr. Wilkerson's extremely boring lesson he hands out the papers with the task on. When he reaches Mille he leans in and whispers: "Principal O'Shaughnessy told me to tell you that you have an appointment with the student counsellor at 2pm about your situation." Hm. I wonder what her situation is? Maybe I can ask her after class? Or maybe I could ask her out. No. She wouldn't date me. She probably has a boyfriend. I think while watching her do the task by ease from behind.

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