The Blue Star

Halinor lives in a magical universe where people possess elemental magic called specialties. The universe is divided and people stick to their own magical race only. On top of that, the two planets of Pan and Ayao have been in a cold war with each other for decades. Halinor, whose powers haven't bloomed yet even at her late age of 14, is against all her expectations invited to join a brand new training academy for future secret agents of Pan. Here, she discovers that the universe is on the verge of collapsing into a total war, which can only be stopped if specialists from different races on Pan start working together. New mysteries unravel themselves and Halinor soon discovers there is a special reason as to why her powers haven't surfaced at all...


1. Chapter Zero

"You called for me, Empress?"
A young man with curly gold hair, breathtaking almond eyes and a handsome face peeked around the corner of the door to the office that he had been called to. Inside the office, a woman sat behind a grand desk that took up most of the space in the room. Her ash blonde hair was bound together in a loose bum. In front of her mysterious purple coloured eyes she wore glasses with a thick black frame, making her look like a strict but respected teacher. An excited twinkle appeared in her glance when she saw the boy she had summoned.
"Yes, please come in quickly, Cupid. I have great news."
Cupid slipped through the doorway and closed it behind him. In his left hand he held a golden bow, though he wasn't carrying any arrows on his back.
He wanted to sit down on the chair in front of the desk, but the Empress stood up and pointed towards the door in the back right corner of the office. "This way," she said with a smile. Cupid glanced at the door, suddenly feeling nervous. If they were going through there, whatever the Empress was going to tell him, must be very important.
He followed her, entering a dark space which had a completely different atmosphere compared to the office. The walls, ceiling and floor consisted out of dark stone bricks. The left side of the wall was completely covered by a huge tv-screen. In the centre of the room, there were three pedestals. Glass bells covered three mysterious orbs. One of them was a glowing red colour, the other one was purple and the last one was bright blue. Cupid stared at them  for a while, completely mesmerized by their magic.
The Empress faced the tv-screen on the wall. She clapped her hands twice, which turned it on.
"I found her," she said, not wasting any time with chit-chat. Cupid ripped his glance from the hypnotizing orbs and looked at the screen. It showed a girl, not much younger than he was, probably around fourteen years old. Her hair was blond, nearly white, braided in two long braids. Her eyes, blue like ice, were focused on the snowman she was building. While biting her tongue she tried to turn a heap of snow into a perfect ball. She was failing horribly. The snow was way too powdery and kept falling apart.
"You mean..." Cupid mumbled, not completing his sentence. His glance turned back to the bright blue orb. For a mere second it seemed like it was glowing even more brightly than usual. A nervous feeling crawled through his stomach. It was time.
"We have a lot of work to do, Cupid. We better start right away," the Empress continued.
"What is her name?" Cupid asked, looking at the girl again. She seemed quite normal. Her face had something innocent, something vulnerable.
"Halinor. Halinor Snowflake."

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