Losing Grip

What do you do when you are stuck between worlds?
What do you do when your beloved ones are out of reach?
What do you do when you are losing grip of reality?
Is there anything you actually can do...?


3. Chapter 2

I wake up with a pounding headache. I pick up my phone to check what time it is. 9:45.I turn my head to see Kia sleeping with her back towards me. I don't want to wake her up, so I quietly make my way downstairs to get some pain killers. As I am standing by the sink in the bathroom, I look at myself through the mirror. I look a bit pale. Maybe I'm sick? I put my right hand on my forehead to check if I might have a fever, but I don't feel warm. I shrug and take out the pain killers from the cabinet. I then head to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I decide to make some pancakes for both Kia and me, and then surprise her with breakfast in bed. I open the fridge to take out the milk, just as I hear Kia walk down the stairs. I put the milk on the counter and walk out of the kitchen to give her a hug. 

"Good morning, baby!" I say as I see her. But she doesn't answer me. Instead, she just walks past me and into the kitchen. I follow her and see her look at the milk on the counter with a confused look. 

"I was going to make you pancakes." I say and smile. She doesn't say anything, she just puts the milk back in the fridge.

"Is everything okay?" I ask. No answer. "Why won't you answer me?" Still no answer. 

I watch her as she takes out a bottle of water from the fridge and walks out of the kitchen. I follow her to the livingroom and sit down next to her in the black couch. She takes a sip out of the bottle before putting it down on the table. The table is full of crumpled up tissues. 

"Did something happen between us yesterday?" I look at Kia. She looks sad and tired. "Did we fight or something? Are you still mad at me and giving me the silent treatment?" That would explain why she won't answer me. I sigh. I don't remember anything from yesterday, no matter how hard I try. My eyes sweep over the room, trying to find traces of what had happened the day before. As I look at the wall to my right, something catches my eye. It's a picture of me, Kia, Luke, Michael and Ashton at the park over a year ago. I still remember that day.

We were having a picknick at the park. Kia had made the most delicious chocolate cookies ever but Michael ate almost all of them. Kia got mad at him but forgave him after he promised to make her new ones (he eventually did but they turned out horrible, so Kia refused to eat them). Luke was telling loads of jokes but even though they sucked, we all laughed. We were just about to go home when Ashton insisted on taking a photo. 

"We have to cherish moments like these and remember them forever." He said. 

I smile at the memory. 

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