Losing Grip

What do you do when you are stuck between worlds?
What do you do when your beloved ones are out of reach?
What do you do when you are losing grip of reality?
Is there anything you actually can do...?


2. Chapter 1

Calum Hood's POV

I wake up and look at my phone, which is laying on the night stand. It's 7:30 in the morning. I quietly get out of bed to get dressed. I then walk downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I try to make as little noise as possible, since I don't want to wake Kia up. I make a sandwich and eat it whilst leaning against the counter. Once I've eaten, I make some coffe for the road. Whilst waiting for the coffee to get ready, I write a little note for Kia and put it on the table. 

"Good morning baby :)

I had to go on an errand, I'll be home soon!

Love you


I pour the coffee into a mug and walk to the hallway to put on my shoes and jacket. I put my phone in the pocket of my black, skinny jeans and take the car keys from the key cabinet. I walk out of the house and carefully close the door. Once I get in the car, I put my coffe on the dashboard and start the engine. 

Today is mine and Kia's one year anniversary and I am on my way to a jewlery store to pick up the gift that I ordered for her. It's an engagement ring. My plan is to pop the question tonight when we get home from the romantic dinner I have planned for us. 

I drive out of our neighbourhood and onto the big road. I soon reach a traffic light and sigh as it turns red. There's a lot of traffic, even though it's quite early in the morning. Once I get through the traffic lights I can drive a bit faster. I take my eyes off the road, just for a second, to start the radio. When I look up again, I see a car driving on the wrong side of the road in a high speed. The car is coming towards me and I put my foot on the break as fast as I can, but it's too late. I hear a loud smash before everything turns black.

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