Double Play •ZM + LP•

Zayn Malik never joined the Auctions. He never needed a guy or girl, and he didn't think buying them off a black market was the way to do it, either.

But then he saw Liam Payne standing on the Auction board, and he just had to have him.


3. Chapter Three - Shopping For Men

Chapter 3

Zayn woke up to sun-rays shining through his window. He groaned and stretched his limbs, rubbing his eyes until he saw shapes from behind his eyelids.

He slowly rolled over out of bed, stepping down onto the floor and standing up on his bare feet. Zayn threw on some sweats and a tee and went to the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, Zayn's body froze. A boy was sitting at his kitchen table, munching on some carrots and celery. His golden eyes were glued to the small TV on the counter, a show about dogs was playing.

The boy. Liam.

Liam seemed to sense Zayn's presence and turned around. He gave a small wave and went back to eating. "Hey, Zayn," he said calmly.

"Hey, Liam. Were you hungry? I can whip up some pancakes or something?" Zayn offered, opening the fridge. He scanned the shelves and grabbed some cherry Kool Aid.

Liam was watching. "Sure." He shrugged, blinking his eyes slowly. He seemed tense and uncomfortable. Zayn ignored it and poured him a glass along with himself.

He slid the glass across the table in front of Liam. "Hope you like Cherry."

"I do." Liam dipped his drink and stared at Zayn as he prepared the cooking grill for pancakes. He mixed the bowl and poured a cup, the grill sizzling.

"So," Zayn started awkwardly. "Tell me about yourself."

"Not much to tell," Liam muttered, slurping down the rest of his drink. Zayn gestured to the jug and Liam poured himself another. "I've been in the Auctions for two years, and I've pretty much forgotten what my childhood was. Though, I know it wasn't that good." Liam scrunched his eyebrows and rolled his shoulders.

"I'm sorry," Zayn really was. Liam shrugged and smiled softly. "It's whatever," he replied.

The pancakes were done and they ate in silence. Zayn cut up strawberries and got syrup, and the only sound in the room was the scrape of forks hitting the plates.

"So I was thinking," Zayn turned to Liam. "I mentioned new clothes yesterday, I know some places with some great sweats."

Liam grinned wide. "I'm game."


The mall was packed. People were shoving into each other, and Liam almost tripped at least five times over people's feet. Zayn chuckled and pulled him closer, pressing Liam against his chest.

Liam was blushing madly. Zayn found it adorable, the way Liam's face was a bright red whenever Zayn pushed him even closer.

They, somehow, made it to a clothes shop made for men. Liam stared shyly at the store, suddenly self conscious

"What's wrong?" Zayn asked worriedly, noticing the way Liam was shrinking back.

"I've never really had fancy clothes," Liam muttered, scratching his neck. Zayn glanced at the simple plaid shirts and jeans, and he felt horrible.

"Well, you will now. Pick out all the clothes you want and you got 'em." Zayn grinned down at Liam. Liam blushed and nodded, slowly venturing off into some shirts.

Liam picked at some flannel shirts and button ups. He felt Zayn's eyes watching him, so he randomly grabbed a red flannel and a few button ups and went back to Zayn.

"Good choices. You must like blue," Zayn commented. Liam looked back at the shirts and realized most of them were different shades of blue. He shrugged, embarrassed. Zayn rubbed his head and laughed. "Did you want some pants with that?"

Liam nodded and turned his heel to check by the pants section. He grabbed some loose sweats, going off the nice feeling of Zayn's he was wearing right now. He used the change room to try some tight jeans, and grabbed a few of those too.

Zayn bought them and grabbed the bags. "I can carry a few," Liam offered.

"Don't be silly," Zayn chuckled. Liam blushed and inched closer to Zayn. Zayn glanced at him and a slow smile made its way on his face. Liam was finally warming up to him.

"Next, you need some shoes." Liam was wearing a pair of Zayn's flip flops, which were surprisingly comfortable. They went to a summers shop and Liam picked out some black and white flip flops and a pair of light blue high tops.

"You're spoiling me," Liam complained, hating that Zayn was spending all this money on him. He really wasn't worth wasting all this money. Why would he, anyway?

"Why wouldn't I spoil you?" Zayn joked.

"Because I'm your slave," Liam answered. His face was straight and hurt. Zayn felt his heart burn and ducked his head.

"You're not my slave," Zayn whispered, his brain pounding in his head. Liam didn't answer and they walked to the food court in silence.

"What do you want to eat?" Zayn asked quietly

"You're my owner, you decide for me, remember?" Liam huffed angrily. He sat down at a table by a couple and waited patiently. Zayn could tell he wasn't telling him what he wanted to eat.

Zayn nodded to himself and ordered some New York Fries for both of them. He grabbed the tray and set it between them, waiting for Liam to take the first bite.

Liam didn't budge. "I'm not eating until you do. We can sit here all day, Liam," Zayn licked his lips and crossed his arms, sitting back in the chair.

Liam sighed and plucked a fry from the tray. He chewed and didn't stare at Zayn in the eye. It was silence between them as they ate, while everyone else in the court laughed and joked with each other.

Zayn was staring up at the ceiling, wondering how to make it up to Liam, when Liam spoke.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice thick. Zayn jolted in surprise and stared at Liam questioningly. "I'm sorry- for my attitude. I...know you don't want to hurt me."

Liam wiped a sleeve on his eyes and sniffed. Zayn frowned and reached over to Liam's other hand. He held it tight and rubbed his palm with his thumb. "I know the circumstances of how we met aren't great, but I really want to be friends. We haven't known each other long, and you have no reason to trust me, but give me a week or two to show you that I really don't mean any harm," Zayn begged, his eyes wet.

Liam was silent for a few moments. "Okay," he nodded, trying and failing to smile.

"Okay," Zayn faltered a smile back, and he pushed the tray toward Liam.

Liam ate the rest.

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