Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


7. My Wolf

Bryce's P.O.V

                My body starts to wake up, and as usual i pull on my restarints trying to be free. The aching feeling in my stomach starts. It feels as if someone is pouring acid all over me. " No" i whisper as all the familiar pain starts to flow through out my body. " NO!" I yell as my body starts to twist and turn in odd postions.

Tears fall faster down my face. I can't take this anymore, its to much. I sob so hard its hard for me to get air. My hands were shaking fast above me. My body arches upwards making my back crack loudly and me cry out in pain. " Please!" i cry out just wanting to be free.

Not being able to take it anymore i say a soft pray in my head. Right when i was about to just give up my body stops moving. My breathing slowly returned to regular, arms and legs no longer shaking, and no more voices in my head. For once in my life I felt like i was back to me.

" Harry!" i yell out hoping someone can get me out these ropes. It doesn't take long for Harry to come barging in the room with wild eyes. Once he settles on me i send him a large smile, " i think its done" i say with hope in my voice. He quickly rushes to me and unties me.

I rob my sore wrist before throwing my arms around his neck. " I'm so glad its over" i mumbled into his neck. " Do you want to change now" i pull back with scared eyes. " Don't worry" he grabs my hands staring deeply at me, " I'll be with you." After a few minutes i nod my head causing both of us to head outside. I didn't see any of the others as we walked through the living room.

Once we made it outside its as if all my senses were heighten. I could smell everything, hear every little bug crawling, feel the wind go across my skin. " Now, to turn into a wolf you have to focus on it. Just push everything else out and focus on your inner wolf" i nod my head taken in his words.

Breathing out deeply, i close my eyes and try to focus on my inner wolf. Slowly my breathing became heavier, my body started to fill with large hairs and my bones changing. Once i open my eyes i looked down at me feet and saw large paws. My eyes shoot to Harry's to see him in wolf form already. " Good job" his voice rings in my head. A burst of energy ran through my body and before i knew it i was running off into the woods.

I look back quickly to find Harry chasing me. A howl made its way out my mouth as i run even faster. I felt his large wolf tackled me to the ground. He stood over me then proceeded to lick long strips up my face. Small whimpers escape me, " why do you love licking my face" i say to him. His deep laughs rings through my head before he finally got off me and let me stand up.

" Howl" i look towards him to see him waiting for me to do it. I looked up towards the darkening sky and let out a long howl. After a few seconds Harry and I were both howl towards the sky. This is amazing! I feel so free, i feel like myself! For so long I've almost felt different. I've always felt like something in my body wasnt right and now i know what ive been missing................


A/N I dont really like this chapter tbh buttttt sorry for not updating! Trying to start back up! Check out my new book on wattpad if you want! @StylesWorldOnly 

Love yall so much!!! 

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