Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


6. Make it stop

Bryce's P.O.V

       " MAKE IT STOP!" my body thrashes in bed. Wrist and ankles raw from the tight ropes that have been holding me down for how many days, i dont know. My body bends in ways i never thought was possible. Bones crack with ever movement causing pain I've never felt before.

Eyes wild like a beast. " MAKE IT STOP!" my voice was raw from screaming non-stop for days. Hot tears roll down my sweaty face as my eyes squeeze shut from pain. I could hear the murmur of voices but they sounded so far away. Voices of different languages swarm in my head causing me to feel crazy.

I could see flashes of different people from everywhere in the world. " HELP!" I scream out. My body bends again causing bones in my legs to crack and me cry out. Every time i opened my eyes i saw people standing at the foot of the bed just watching me. My brain couldn't register who they were, too focused on the swarming voices in my head.

All of sudden my body violently shakes in the bed. " MAKE IT STOP" I scream the loudest i have lately. I couldn't take this anymore. " Fight fight fight fight " a deep voice in my head chants to me. I could make out green eyes and long brown hair, but i couldn't put a name to his face.

All of a sudden i felt that familiar sharp pain in my left arm. The warm liquid racing in my veins causing my body to slowly stop all movements. "Thanks" i whisper before falling into a deep sleep, hoping to not have to relive this again, but knowing i will.

Harry's P.O.V

            Once her body has calmed down i retreat the large needle from her arm and hand it to Niall. I watch as her breathing regulates, body parts now limp. " I can't do this" i mumble with pain in my voice. Its hard to watch your mate go through all this, i wish i could feel the pain for her.

" Don't worry Harry, she has royal blood in her veins, shes a fighter" Louis pats my shoulder before they all head out the room leaving me alone with her. My hand reaches out and grabs her, " I'm sorry you have to go through all this pain. If i could take it away i would in a heartbeat" i take a deep breath, " just fight it." I let go of her hand and turn to walk out the room.

I hope she makes it out this transformation alright. Only the strong ones make it through alive.

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