Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


4. Harry Styles

Bryce's P.O.V

           " I love you" i mumble as i look up towards the house i grew up in. This house held everything, the sad, good, hard, and weird times. My granny has always taken care of me in this house. Tightening the bag on my shoulder i take one final glance at the house and turn my back on it.

With slow steps i make it towards the edge of the deep woods that have always surrounded my house. Never in my life did i think going into these woods would make my future change. I no longer knew what tomorrow would hold for me. With one step into the woods i could probably die or come face to face with that wolf that was at my back door.

Finally after i grow courage i took steps into the woods. The air was so chilly, and the atmosphere changed. It was a little tense but still; too still. I look around but i was surrounded by darkness, only the moons light casting a small shadow of all trees. After about 30 minutes of walking i tried to piece together things and figure out where my parents could be.

If their kingdom was in Greece how did i end up here in a small town in America. " Think think" i whisper out loud as i continue to walk. " Well look what we have here" i turn around fast to come face to face with John and Hellen. I took a big gulp, i knew i couldn't turn into a wolf for the next 3 days due to this stuff my granny was giving me. " What do you want" i say as i take small steps back. We were stood in a small open area with broken branches and large rocks.

" I think you know" my eyes widen as i watch their bodies slowly change. They slowly became lower to the ground, hands and feet turning into paws, teeth ready to cut into anything as they growl at me. I gulp loudly and tried taking steps back. They both growled at me loudly making fear flash into my eyes. I let out a loud scream as Hellen's golden body jumped towards me. I fell to the ground and tried to shield my body, waiting for a horrible pain to come my way.

But after a few seconds all i heard was a louder growl, snapping of bones, and whimpers. After a few minutes of silence i slowly opened my eyes to see a large wolf standing over 2, now dead, wolves. I tried to stand up as quietly as possible but my foot stepped on a twig causing it to create a loud snap. The large wolf's head snapped over to me. Once i caught its green eyes i immediately knew it was the wolf that stood in my back yard 2 nights ago. 

Its large body fully turned towards me, slow steps taken by it to come my way. " Please don't hurt me" i cried out just as my back slammed against a large tree. The wolf's brown fur shimmered in the moon light as it got closer. Oddly when it stood right in front of me i felt a sense of calmness wash over me. It sniffed me all over before lightly licking my face. A small giggle made its way out my mouth making it lick my face again. " Come on" i laugh as i wipe the slobber off my face.

" Alpha" i said out loud after taking everything about this wolf. Hellen and Joe where only half this wolfs body size now that i think about it. " Correct " his deep British voice said in my head. " Turn human" i begged wanting to see what he looked like. He took steps back before slowly changing. Right before my eyes i watched as this wolf changed to a human. Paws slowly retreating into large human hands, tattoos starting to peak out. 

This man was crouched down on the ground then slowly stood up. His long brown hair fell on his shoulders wildly. His torso was shirtless but tattoos reside on them as well on his arms. He took steps back towards me until he was stood right in front of me. I could smell the earthy scent radiating off of him. " Who are you?" I questioned after a moment of silence. " Alpha Harry Styles, leader of Moonlight" his breath fanned over my face. I was confused when he said leader of Moonlight, my father was the leader.

" Im-" he cut me off before i could get another word. " I know who you are Bryce Jones. Princess of Moonlight" he took a deep breath before staring me hard in the eyes.

" Also, my mate"

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