Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


5. Cant wait

Bryce's P.O.V

      With both walk into the large home that stood in the middle of the woods. " This way love" Harry says to me. We turn left and walk down a large and long hallway. Paintings of old fashioned kingdoms line the walls surrounded by gold frames. Finally we make it to another white door. I could already hear the murmur of other voices. 

" This is the den" he says before pushing the door open. All voices stop and I'm met with 5 pairs of eyes looking right at me. " Princess Bryce?" a guy with blue eyes and brown hair questions. Harry nods his head, " and also my mate" i send them all a tight smile once he says that line. " Oh my god, can we do anything for you Princess" i grimace while shaking my head yes, " Yes, please don't call me Princess. I just go by Bryce." They all nod their heads.

" Come on, I'll show you to our room" before i could respond to the ' our ' part he was already walking out the room. His broad back was now my view point as i trailed behind him. He lead us back down the hallway until we reached some stairs i did not notice before. " Oh my god" i mumble out as the long flights come into view. He sends me a smirk before quickly starting to run up them.

I grip my bag tighter before running after him. Once we make it to the top i was surprisingly not out of breath. He notice my questioning face, " its a wolf thing" was all he said then started towards a door. This door was different than all the others on this floor. It was a large light brown door with two crowns engraved on it. My jaw dropped as he open the door to the room. It was humongous! A large bed was sitting in the center with gold and white bed sheets on it, with a large window over it.

To my left was a big mirror on top of large white dressers. The carpet was a white with gold specks on it. I walked to there was two doors to my right that i guessed led to a bathroom and closet. Harry took my bag off my shoulder and set it by the foot of the bed. " Do you like it?" He was now stood right in front of me. His minty breath fanned over my face as he let out air. " Its amazing" i say staring up at him. A bright smile made its way to his face, causing one to fall onto mine.

He embraced me into a tight hug, his earthy sent invaded my nose. When he pulled back i was a little sadden, but then he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the bed. " Can i ask you a few questions?" i said while playing with the rings on his fingers. " Of course baby" my cheeks heat up with the name but i clear my throat. " Whats this whole mate thing?" i say looking up at him. " Well ever since the wolf population developed every wolf is destined to be with one. Each wolf is made for someone else, it may take years to find your mate but its worth it." He squeezes my hand at the end.

I take a deep breath before asking him my next question, " do you know where my parents are?" i prayed that he would answer yes. " Sadly i do not. For years we have all been searching for your parents. After they left the kingdom my father was the second to take over. Your father and mine were very close. My father spent many years looking for them, after he passed away it was my turn to take over and continue the search. The rival wolfs started to become reckless with there attacks and sneaks up that we were able to trance them back to a hide away all the way in France.

We are hoping that that hide out holds your parents" he finishing looking at me. It was a lot of information to take in but all i did was nod. " When this stuff is out my system, whats going to happen to me?" i was truly scared to hear this answer. " Well love we call that the week of pain. You were suppose to go through it once you hit age 16 but the chemical stuff kept it back. Its going to be bad, but just know i will be with you every step of the way" he leans down and softly kissing my cheek. " Get some rest" was all he said before walking out the room. Week of pain......can't wait.

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