Jasmine Lewis never expected to experience anything like this. One night, she drunkenly passes out in her bed beside her husband of thirteen years in the year 2016. But when she awakes, she realizes she is back in 1991 in her childhood home. She realizes that whatever force took her back in time, wanted her to right what was wrong. But, she realizes too late she may have changed too much. Will Jasmine be satisfied with the choices she made or did the changes alter her future too much?


8. Truth

It was a big step we were trying to take. One that we decided would be casual at first. There wasn’t gonna be any tracking of ovulations or anything like that. The first step was to ditch the condoms! So, if I got pregnant, I got pregnant. We both figured that maybe after a year if it didn’t happen, then we would go through the other necessary steps.

I didn’t tell Charlotte any of this; she had loose lips and her and Jackson were suddenly buddies! He was still sulking over the fact that I was with Darren. It was almost as if he truly was jealous. It kind of put a damper on our friendship, something that I never wanted to happen. And Darren didn’t understand it as well. We tried numerous times to invite him and Charlotte over. Most of the time, he refused. Whenever he did show up to hang out with us, it was short-lived. There was always some sort of excuse given for him to leave early. If it was just me, though? Jackson was over at the drop of a dime and damn near spent the night!

Those were the times where I swallowed my pride and talked to him about my relationship. Especially about Darren not wanting to marry me. “Sounds like he got something to hide. Told you I don’t trust him, Jazzy!” Then again, I was asking for advice from another guy who wasn’t keen on marriage… and possibly fidelity! At that point, Jackson already had two kids by two different women; I knew that in my other life, his total count stopped at five. It was a lost cause!

Other than that, things stayed the same. I hated to admit that it looked as though my basketball career was about to end. I was never a starter, except in high school and college. But I was a mediocre player and knew that I wouldn’t last too long in the WNBA. Still didn’t stop me from making friends and hanging out with them. The ritual that started in Utah continued in San Antonio; we had our favorite hole in the wall bar/club we frequented as well as alternate between going to someone’s house for a small get together. But it wouldn’t last for much longer if I no longer played basketball. Maybe Charlotte and a couple of others would still hang out with me. I just had this feeling that I would be moving again.

It would’ve been nice if that feeling was moving to Kentucky. I told myself I would stop thinking about it; me getting married to Darren. I couldn’t help it sometimes. I tried to think: what do I have to do to get him to change his mind? The problem was that I did everything for him. So, I couldn’t think of anything else he would want!

I loved him, still. So, as I said, things didn’t change. If I had the time, I spent a few days with him and vice versa. We talked every single day. And we had sex every time we saw each other! If he was at my place, the girls knew not to expect to see me unless it was during practice, a meeting or a game!

I found myself yet again making out, edging with my boyfriend. Ever since we stop using protection, those sessions didn’t last as long as before. We got each other too heated and would end up making love about twice a day! So, they almost always started in the bedroom. That’s where we were as Darren trailed slow kisses from my neck to my chest. I wiggled and squirmed, anticipating every touch. I expected for it to end but I gasped as he continued past my navel and to my hips. Wait… was he… I stiffened. His lips were at my inner thigh when he noticed and looked up at me.

“What… what’s wrong? You’re not… on, are you?” he asked with the cutest but confused look on his face. I shook my head.

“No. Darren…”

“Nothing going on down there I need to be aware of?”

“… No…”

“And you’re clean; we just got out the shower.”

“W-W-Wait…” I stopped him right before his head disappeared between my legs.

“What’s the problem? Wait… no one’s ever gone down on you, before…?” his eyes widened. Not in this new life, no! But, he didn’t need to know all of the details! I just shook my head and he smirked. “Poor baby…” he gave me no time to further protest. Darren pinned my legs to the bed and lapped at my slit. A powerful jolt did a sprint run from my toes to my spine and I arched my back, followed by an embarrassed, loud whimper. After that? Everything went blank!

I didn’t snap out of it until he stopped suddenly. I was panting and wondered why he did! That’s when I heard the doorbell. I tried to calm my heart as I looked at the time; it was late. Everyone knew not to come by the house that late… unless it was an emergency. The first person I thought of was Charlotte; she probably needed to hide from Martin’s wife… again. They’d been caught before but the woman had no idea that it was Charlotte messing with her husband!

Darren let out a grumble and went back to pleasuring me. His tongue continued to feel around my swollen clit; I had no idea how many times he made me orgasm! I didn’t blackout this time around and enjoyed the sensation of his tongue tracing over my overly wet slit. The moment he started to dart his tongue in, the knocking started. Darren’s grumble was louder and he popped up, sighing.

“Guess we have to deal with her…” even he knew it was Charlotte! I wanted to throw a tantrum but was afraid that the longer I stayed, the more and louder she would knock. I yanked on some shorts and a tank top then hurried to the door. Of course, the knocking became frantic.

“Jesus Christ, Char; hold on!” I yelled and opened the door. Oh… not Charlotte! Jackson stood there with an odd seductive smile. I tried to follow his eyes and realized that he was staring at my nipples that were poking through the shirt. I folded my arms across my chest; that got his eyes back where they needed to be!

“Jazzy! Thank God, you’re home! I am so… fucked up; can I crash here?” he was slurring and wobbly. I never thought that he had a drinking problem; I knew that he would get in trouble in a few years for driving drunk. Maybe I was supposed to save others from making dumb mistakes?

Either way; he wasn’t lying! Even if he hadn’t said a word, I could smell everything that he drunk! I looked back and saw that Darren was leaning on the frame going towards the back of the house; he tried so hard not to laugh. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Jackson.

“Jay, Darren’s here-”

“I only wanna sleep this off; I won’t bother ya’ll. Put me on the couch; I don’t give a fuck! I don’t think I can drive any further…” he begged. He was right; I was expecting him to topple over any minute. How in the hell did he make it to my house?! I sighed and moved out the way to let him in. Jackson stumbled towards the couch and plopped down on it.

It didn’t matter that he was in a drunken stupor. Or that Darren was in the room with us. I couldn’t help thinking how sexy the man was. I looked away before any more of those thoughts entered my head.

“Need anything?” I wanted to at least make sure that he would be comfortable before we went back to our business! Jackson gave me a smirk but his eyes were squinted; something that reminded me of how Allen would look whenever he was drunk out of his fucking skull!

“You come over here and I’ll show you what I need…” he slurred and grabbed at his crotch. My eyes widened as I blushed but Darren went into stitches. Jackson looked over at him and lost his smirk. “Shit… didn’t know you were there. My bad.” I suppose that was his apology. I grumbled as I turned to go into the kitchen. Water. He needed some water.

“It’s okay. She’s getting you some water.”

“Can I get something to eat, too, Jazzy?”

“The fuck? I am not McDonald’s!!”

“Jasmine!” Darren warned but laughed. I grumbled and decided to fix him a sandwich. The two decided to talk while I did so.

“You know… it was s’posed to be me and Jazzy, right?”

“Yeah? What happened with that?”

“I dunno,” Jackson slurred. Darren laughed a little. “Muthafucker, don’t laugh! All I know is… I’m jealous. I admitted that tonight.” he finished. OH! I wanted to run out of the kitchen and say: HA! I knew it! I continued to fix his sandwich.

“Nothing to be jealous of, Jackson. I treat her the way she’s supposed to be treated.”

“Hmph. You a good man, Dee. Cuz, my sweetheart could’ve had anyone and she chose you,” yeah, anyone but you. Jackson always called me sweetheart but it was the first time I heard him put some sort of claim to me. It was enough to make me blush profusely. “I see why, now. But let me tell you something. If you ever hurt my Jazzy in any way, I will fuck you up!”

“I won’t.” I could tell that Darren was stifling another laugh. It quieted down for a moment and I wondered if Jackson just nodded off.

“… She a sexy lil’ thing, though…”

“Mmm, don’t I know it…” Darren agreed. I was completely flustered when I came back. I handed Jackson his food and drink.

“Ah, thank you so much. I owe you, Jazzy.”

“Just… don’t worry about it. It’s what friends do, right?”


I could kill Darren; he did any and every thing in his power to make sure Jackson heard us! I knew why; the blatant flirting and confession had gone to his head. I couldn’t really complain; the wild sex was delicious! It made me look forward to more!

I usually would’ve been sleep right alongside him but something kept me up. I had to check on Jackson. I had never seen him that drunk before; I guess I expected some sort of off key singing or loud noises. I heard nothing and it bothered me. I put on the same shorts and tank top then went to check on him.

I covered my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Jackson was passed out on the couch in the most uncomfortable position ever. The glass of water seemed untouched; the only evidence that there was a sandwich were a bit of crumbs. I shook my head and decided to try to get him more comfortable.

When I started to take his shoes off, it worried me that he didn’t move at all. A good thing he was passed out in my house; anyone else would’ve robbed him! I thought about waking him so he could take his jacket off. But, fireworks could’ve gone off three inches in front of him and he would still be dead to the world! I took a deep breath as I straddled him; it was the only way to get his jacket off.

I should’ve let him be. No sooner had my knees sank in the couch, I was grabbed and roughly groped. I opened my mouth to say something but Jackson pinned me against him and grinded. Just before I was about to give him a good punch to the stomach, his body grew limp; the little scene was over before it began, really.

“Can’t even… get on hard. Sorry I… brought you here…” he slurred and immediately started snoring. I rose and tried my best not to laugh once again. He was drunk dreaming! I moved from his lap, before he could do anything else and tried to put him in a better position (easier said than fucking done, let me tell you about dead weight…). After a long fought battle, I put a blanket over him and went back to the bedroom. The one thing that made me flustered: I couldn’t stop thinking how turned on I was when he grabbed me… and wondered how it would’ve felt had he been coherent.

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