Jasmine Lewis never expected to experience anything like this. One night, she drunkenly passes out in her bed beside her husband of thirteen years in the year 2016. But when she awakes, she realizes she is back in 1991 in her childhood home. She realizes that whatever force took her back in time, wanted her to right what was wrong. But, she realizes too late she may have changed too much. Will Jasmine be satisfied with the choices she made or did the changes alter her future too much?


6. Messenger

Another year had gone by before I knew it. As luck would have it, me, Charlotte and Jackson ended up in San Antonio; the Starzz’s owner decided that he didn’t want the team anymore and put them up for sale. No one bit until the last second and our new owner moved the team to San Antonio. Jackson was traded to the Spurs maybe a week or two later. We were now the Silver Stars.

I was still with Darren and it looked as though he was the one. I was extremely happy with him and the realization of that made me a bit sad. Because there was no reason to break up with Darren just so I could be with Allen. How would it work out? Was I to retire from basketball, move back to Fallon and become a Navy wife? No; it made no sense, no matter how much I loved Allen. I loved Darren the same, now.

Just as I did with Mr. L, I decided that I would at least warn Allen about his future choices. That meant spending the 4th with my mom and brother. Of course, they didn’t mind it; they hadn’t seen me in a while! My mom had, of course, remarried; she never heeded my advice and so she went through her life the way I remembered it. I didn’t mind this step dad; Reginald had always been head over heels for my mom and he was living out his dream!

It was Raymond whose life had changed for the better. I was so proud as I looked at his numerous trophies, medals and articles about him. He was the star basketball player and track star at the high school. He would graduate next year and had offers to sign for quite a few big name colleges.

I was glad that mom at least listened to me when it came to my brother. His health had improved greatly and he was in good shape, mentally and physically. He didn’t slack in school due to being an athlete; his grades were outstanding. One thing that didn’t change, though: his love for video games! He paused the game and looked at me.

“What?” I blinked.

“That’s what I want to know! This is a surprise visit.” he noted. I sighed as I closed the door.

“So, you know that I’ve been a bit… strange these past few years…”

“… Yeeah. I’m glad you brought it up so that means you know. It’s like you have… premonition or something.”

“What if I told you that… I do?” I asked carefully. Raymond thought about it and then smirked.


“It’s more like… I traveled back in time, somehow…” I sighed out.

“Okay; I liked the premonition story better than this one!” he actually laughed. When I didn’t crack a smile, he stopped laughing. “You’re… serious. You actually believe that…”

“No, I know I did. I just… don’t know how I did it. Ray, you know me; you know when I’m goofing around.”

“Yeah… which makes this conversation so weird…” he turned the video game off and sat down on his bed. “I want to believe you.”

“So, it was 2016 and I… well, I was drunk and ended up passing out beside my husband, Allen in Michigan.”

“Michigan? So, you end up playing for the Shock?”

“No. I didn’t play basketball in that… life. I was just a simple housewife. And besides, at that moment, they’re the Tulsa Shock. Never went to college or anything like that. But, when I woke up… I was back in 1991. So… I know stuff that I’m not supposed to know.” I tried to explain. It sounded crazy, now that I thought about it. And I wouldn’t blame him if he had just played along with it, only to later forbid me to come visit ever again! I was shocked when he simply stared into space and nodded.

“It makes sense, now. You were always one step ahead of everything. Momma always hated that you were right about everything!”

“She’s the reason why I didn’t tell anyone.”

“So… now, what? You’re gonna warp back to your present and see how it’s changed?”

“I… I don’t know how. At first, I thought I had to just change a certain thing. You know, like ‘Quantum Leap’? But, I’ve been… stuck since 91. So, I made more changes. And now? Well, tomorrow tonight was when I was supposed to meet Allen. We’d get married next year.”

“Wow! Um… so, seeing that you’re with Darren, now… I take that’s not gonna happen!”

“Exactly!” I laughed a little.

“Then… why are you really here?”

“I… I have this urge to tell him something. Because he fucked up his military career; maybe I just want to warn him against that. As much as I want to tell him the absolute truth… he’d think I was fucking insane!”

“The only reason why I believe you is because it makes so much more sense, now. You seriously knew things before they happened. You knew that I would get… sick. In your present, did I ever get better?”

“Yes and no. You eventually stopped having the seizures but… there were other things that came up.” I stopped there. He didn’t need to know that in my former present time, he would need a heart transplant. That he never finished school and couldn’t find decent work to support his children and wife. That me and Allen were the ones who did so while everyone else turned their backs on them. Raymond nodded once more and looked around his room.

“You know… maybe it really was meant for you to just have some sort of reset. Honestly? Without it, I probably wouldn’t have all of this,” he nodded towards his trophies and medals. “I think that you can change Allen’s life even if you’re not a part of it.” he smiled at me. I beamed at him and gave him a hug.

I would’ve said that I remembered the night like it was yesterday. However, in my former past, I was drunk and high out of my mind the night I met Allen! That night had been a bit of a blur; I didn’t even remember his name until the third time we hooked up!

But the scene was really familiar and I did remember a few parts of that night. This time around though, there were a few people who knew me. Which was surprising in itself; I was still only a mediocre basketball player. I signed a few autographs and took a couple of pictures before I made my way to the bar. Sure enough, there was a very young and baby-faced Allen sitting at the bar with his water. Something did somersaults in my stomach; my instincts wanted to shower him with hugs and kisses! I had forgotten how young he had looked when we first met and I could do nothing but smile at him. Allen, on the other hand, did a double take and slightly gawked at me! Heh; even he knew who I was! I sat down beside him.

“You’re… Jasmine James, aren’t you?” he would never know how great it felt to hear his voice after all of those years! That voice and face haunted me in my sleep a great deal before I met Darren. I smirked and nodded.

“You’d be correct.”

“This might seem weird but… what are you doing here?”

“I’m… kinda from here. Now, it’s my turn to ask a weird question! Could we… go to your car to talk?” I figured that the best way to do things was to just be straightforward about it! Of course, Allen gawked even more before he meekly nodded. I made sure that we were out of ear shot as we walked towards his car. “I… I need you to promise me that no matter what, you won’t run away and you’ll try to listen.”

“… Okay but I’ll be honest: you’re starting to freak me out!” he slowed down a bit. He wrinkled his forehead. “How did you know where I…”

“Believe it or not, I know a lot about you, Allen.” that made him stop dead in his tracks.


“Would you believe me if I told you that I was psychic?”

“… I don’t know…”

“Well, can we go with that for right now?”

“If you’re psychic… tell me some things, then.” he had no idea the can of worms he just opened! I sighed a bit and smiled at him.

“You’re from Arkansas…” I started but Allen just smirked and pointed to the Razorbacks front license plate on his car. “But you were born in Maryland. So you root for the Redskins,” I continued and his mouth started to drop. “Even though, I never understood that; I always thought you should’ve been a Baltimore fan.”

“Wait… what do you mean by that? You never understood…?” I couldn’t believe I let that slip out! I shrugged.

“You were born in Maryland, not D.C. Would’ve made more sense to be a Ravens fan. But, again; guess because you were born closer to D.C. than Baltimore…”

“The hell…” his eyes widened. It looked like he was more intrigued than afraid! I laughed a little.

“I could tell you more, if you still don’t believe me. You have three sisters but you’re the baby; you were one of those babies that ‘snuck up’ on their mommas! So, your sisters are a lot older than you. You have this scar that runs up your…” I stood right beside him for a moment, looking down at his legs which were covered. “Right leg; you were in a car accident with your best friend and your cousin.” there was so much more I could’ve told him. His social security number, his birthday, of course; the fact that he has a massive family on both his mother and father’s side, and the reason why he went into the Navy. I waited until Allen decided to speak.

“What… you were sent here, then. Why…?”

“To keep you out of trouble. It’s the unit you’re in; they’re giving you a hard time,” with that, his mouth gaped wide before he looked away. “I know, it’s hard to ignore them. And it’s fucked up what they’re doing. Especially seeing that you’re doing your job and not bothering anyone. But, you need to say something about it now. And… don’t try to get help from a bottle…” I almost teared up. Allen’s career in the military would be jeopardized greatly in three weeks, where he would decide to try to drink all of his troubles away. He would try to call me, to see if we could hang out and have sex but wouldn’t get through… because he dialed the wrong number. At the end of the night, he would end up losing his car, almost his life and invoke the ire of his racist superiors. The only thing that stopped them from kicking him out of the Navy was because it was his first serious offense.

I was surprised that we stayed out there for the rest of the night, talking about random things. He was more interested in finding out how I truly knew everything; I knew that I told Raymond that I would tell Allen the truth. I just couldn’t. There was no way that he would’ve believed me.

I was just happy that Allen promised to take heed to my words. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. A part of me cried on the inside; it was ironic that the first time I saw him would possibly be my last. That, and I decided to let him go. The man who had been a part of most of my adult life, wouldn’t be in this one. But I knew that I loved Darren and this was the right decision. Allen would make someone else just as happy as he had made me.

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