Jasmine Lewis never expected to experience anything like this. One night, she drunkenly passes out in her bed beside her husband of thirteen years in the year 2016. But when she awakes, she realizes she is back in 1991 in her childhood home. She realizes that whatever force took her back in time, wanted her to right what was wrong. But, she realizes too late she may have changed too much. Will Jasmine be satisfied with the choices she made or did the changes alter her future too much?


7. Argue

I couldn’t believe that Darren and I had been together for almost two years. My predictions were right; he steadily grew to be his own man. He was no longer “L’s son” or “Little L” but simply Darren Ellerbee, III… who dated Jasmine James! If anything, he was the reason why I became more well known. I had no problems with it, either way. I was with a man I truly loved and I was playing basketball; there were no complaints from me!

It didn’t stop others from voicing their opinions, though. Everyone was expecting to see some sort of engagement ring on my finger after all that time. But, I knew that it would never happen. In an article in the near future, Dee would stress how he hated the idea of marriage. In my alternate past, I was glad he felt that way; that meant there wouldn’t be any bimbo ruining my crush! But, right then and there? Well… how could I complain when it was proven that he loved me? Mr. L started voicing his own opinion louder every time I came to visit. He went from slyly asking what the holdup was to blatantly holding my hand up in front of Dee, joking that I didn’t wear my ring that day!

It felt like we were already married. He still had his home in Kentucky and so we would flip flop between his place and mine. I had some spare things in his house and he had a spare key to mine; it was nice to come home and there was a half-naked man in my bed! Yeah, I had to admit that it would’ve been nice to have that ring on my finger, eventually becoming Jazzy Ellerbee. But, if he was happy with the way we lived, then I wasn’t going to push it.

At least, that’s what I had thought. Things started off as a regular night for the two of us. For some odd reason, we had this ritual of edging each other the entire day. When night came, well… so did we! The whole buildup made it really enjoyable.

I stopped grinding in his lap to feel him throb madly between my legs. I had a feeling that we wouldn’t make it off the couch and prepared to simply reach my hand down in his pants. The look that he gave me changed my mind. I smirked as he simply smiled at me.


“I just had the craziest idea…”

“Yeah? Am I gonna need a safe word?” I asked and it put him in stitches.

“You’d probably enjoy that,” he shifted slightly; I had a feeling to give me a clue as to how hard he was. “No, I was just thinking: maybe it’s time we tried for a kid.” even though he shrugged, Darren had the straightest of faces. He was serious. I could do nothing but look at him before I laughed a little.

“I find it funny that everyone else wants us to get married and here you are trying to get me pregnant!”

“W-Wait… you wanna get married…?” the nervousness in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. I didn’t know why it bothered me but it did. I tried not to let it show as I gave him a shrug of my own.

“Do you?” I simply asked. I already knew that answer. However, Darren sighed and gave me a kiss.

“You know I love you, Jazzy…”

“Just not enough to marry me.” I huffed out accidentally. He widened his eyes a little.

“Baby… don’t make it seem like that way. ‘Cuz that ain’t true. I… I just don’t think that a piece a paper, a couple of rings and a name change would make any difference.”

“You don’t think that it’ll make a difference… or do you think it would change us?” I glared at him. So, I was good enough to marry in my alternate past but not in this one? The more I sat there, the more I regretted changing things. So, when he didn’t answer, I got up.

“Wait! Jasmine,” Darren immediately came after me, gently grabbing my wrists. “You really wanna get married?”

“Do you think that it’ll change our relationship?” I barked back. His response was to simply hug me. I should’ve fought him off but he just felt so good.

“I’m sorry; I do feel that way. When folks start talking about marriage… to me, it just complicates things. Like what it’s doing now.” he tried to explain. I gasped and pushed away from him.

“So, I’m complicating things!”

“No! Wait, that’s not…” he took in a deep breath. “I love you with all of my heart and soul, Jazzy. It’s just… I don’t know of anyone who’s happily married. No one. And they were as happy as larks before.”

“… No one?” I raised my eyebrows at him. He smirked; he knew who I was referring to.

“You ever seen my dad and my step mom be around each other for more than fifteen minutes?” it didn’t dawn on me until he mentioned it. How could I forget the riff between Darren and his step mom? Why did I think that altering Mr. L’s fate would change the way she treated them? So, she made everyone miserable.

I opened my mouth to counter argue but immediately closed it. He was right. I didn’t know anyone who was happily married either… except me and Allen. But even we had our moments where we wanted to strangle one another! But still; I enjoyed being called “Mrs. Lewis” and not “Miss James”.

“I guess not…”

“Seriously, Jasmine: if you want to get married, let me know.”

“No, you’re right.” what good would it do? If he didn’t want to get married but I did, that was the main ingredient for a breakup. And I definitely didn’t want to do that!

“I’d never want to complicate what we have. I love you too much. Besides; dad wouldn’t allow for it!” he laughed a little. Ever since that day in Talladega, Mr. L referred to me as his angel. He told Darren that I was sent from Heaven and if he fucked up what we had, he would have his hide!

“I guess we’re stuck with each other, then.”

“I got no problem with that!” his hands went around my waist and pulled me closer to him. No sooner had I wrapped my arms around his neck, he gave me a tender kiss. It was very close to the first time he kissed me: gentle, tender and full of love.

“Guess we’re gonna try to make this baby…?” I smirked. Darren chuckled.

“Anything you want…” he gave me another kiss. Yeah, anything except marriage.

I knew I shouldn’t beat myself up about it; I had Darren Ellerbee. He didn’t give me much time to think about it as our kiss got deeper. I was pressed against him hard; I felt him throb a bit. His hands cupped my bottom and I gasped as he lifted me. I wrapped my legs around him as he carried us to the bedroom. I was shocked; I knew for sure that we would end up on the couch!

We both laughed as we clumsily collided in the bed.

“That shit looks so easy in the movies! You okay?”

“I’m fine.” I giggled. Darren moaned out a sound of approval before our lips met once more. My heart was racing. Of course, we had sex plenty of times. But this was going to be different. There would be no condom in the way; for the first time, I would feel… him. His hands made their way to the sides of my panties; I lifted so that he had no problem taking them off and he did so slowly.

Darren finally broke the kiss and I shuddered as I felt his lips on my neck. They were there for only a short while before his hands went underneath my shirt to pull that off. He gazed at me for a moment, his blue eyes roaming everywhere. My eyes landed on his crotch, where his cock throbbed and moved about in his briefs. His hands spread me wider as his thumb immediately caressed my clit. His touch was so gentle; I knew that he could feel my pulse there! I whimpered and moved along with his slow motions. I tried to get him to quicken his pace but he didn’t bite. Darren was content in torturing me! Even as I arched my back, it was like he was ignoring me. In fact, he took the other hand and held me down. I had no other choice but to suffer through the antagonizing pleasure.

It was when I finally gave in to him that I realized that his touch was amazing. My climax was slowly building as my legs trembled slightly. This was no good; I would be done before we started!

“D-D-Darren… stop…” it took all of my might to say anything! He immediately stopped but gave me a curious look.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. I tried to calm my heart, cursing myself for making him stop. He slowly smiled at me. “Oh… you’re about to cum…?”

“Y-You couldn’t tell?!”

“Just wanted to hear you say it,” he removed his hands from me long enough to strip bare. He stood straight out, his slit glistening. I never could understand why that sight made me tingle so much. All I knew was that I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. Darren’s thumb went back to those torturous slow circles and I moaned. “Maybe you could give me two tonight?”

“Doubt it…” I stuttered. This time around, I kept my mouth shut as he tried to make me explode. Just when I thought I would, his thumb was replaced with the tip of his cock. I took in a breath as if I was a virgin, anxious on penetration. The sensation of actual skin sent a jolt through my veins as Darren moaned deeply when our hips met. My God, that felt wonderful! I arched against him to feel more but he reluctantly pulled away. Darren hissed and swore, right before suddenly slamming into me. My whole body pulsated as a sharp gasp escaped me. He wrapped his arms around me as he began a steady thrust; I wrapped my legs around his waist in response.

I didn’t understand how not using a condom felt a thousand times better with him. Then again, in this alternate reality, it was the first time I never used one. I felt every ridge, bump and vein as we worked one another to our finishes. After a while, it was me who did most of the work as I rotated my hips against him. I didn’t know how long we were at it once my body started aching. I shook with every movement; my orgasm was closing in quick. Darren’s breath came in pants with every inward thrust and before long, he gave me a hard, hot kiss. My orgasm leapt out as my body succumbed to violent quivers. When he came, his movements slowed to a near halt as he moaned in my mouth. His cock throbbed hard as he filled me; the feeling made me moan along with him. After that, my body felt like jelly as I relaxed completely.

Darren finally released our kiss and his body became heavy on top of me. His breathing was still ragged as he blew a shaky breath.

“… Fuck…” he breathed out. After a while, I could breathe as he lifted up slightly. “That… was awesome. I’m… still cumming…” he chuckled as he gave me a lazy thrust. My body released one last tremor from that and I moaned in agreement. He stayed inside me for a while before he finally pulled out.

“Bet we made a mess!” I sighed. Darren laughed but I saw that he left and returned with a towel. We laid in the bed after getting cleaned up, cuddling one another.

“Yep; no more condoms for us!” I was actually tired and could only give out a chuckle at that. “And I guess… we need to argue more often?”

“Oh, fuck you…”

“Give me about four hours and then you can,” Darren gave me a smirk. I narrowed my eyes and pinched him. He laughed and held me tighter as he kissed me on top of my head. “I’m sorry, by the way.”

“It’s okay.” I yawned and nuzzled into him. I was too tired to think of it. There was no need to spoil the feeling of sleepy bliss as I closed my eyes.

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