Jasmine Lewis never expected to experience anything like this. One night, she drunkenly passes out in her bed beside her husband of thirteen years in the year 2016. But when she awakes, she realizes she is back in 1991 in her childhood home. She realizes that whatever force took her back in time, wanted her to right what was wrong. But, she realizes too late she may have changed too much. Will Jasmine be satisfied with the choices she made or did the changes alter her future too much?


2. Acceptance

It took a week to make me realize that I was indeed stuck in the past. I didn’t know how to take that. Well, guess I had no other choice but to relive my teen years! Since I was stuck, I took the opportunity to make more changes. I knew things that I hadn’t known back then and I put it to good use. I forced my mom to take me and my brother to the dentist and the doctor. I became aware of my eating habits and worked out regularly. I knew how to braid and put in weaves and while I was somewhat teased about wearing weaves now, it wasn’t as bad as being bullied about not having my hair done. In fact, there were a few girls at school who started asking me to do their own hair.

With that being said, I even changed the way I acted in school. Who would’ve thought that by just having a don’t care attitude would draw more people to you? By the time summer hit, I had more things to do than I could shake a stick at! When I wasn’t busy hanging out with people I never imagined would even speak to me, I concentrated on how to make even better grades… and my basketball skills.

Living in the past wasn’t so bad, now. Of course, I missed Allen terribly; I thought about finding a way to contact him. Then I realized that he was only ten at that point… and it weirded me out that if I had known him right then and there, it was a possibility that he and Ray would be play buddies; they were only four years apart! I tried not to think about that and relished in reliving the good moments as well as some new ones. I was even making some money on the side, doing hair!

Accepting the fact that I was stuck also made the time go back faster. I made the basketball team this time around and was better than I expected to be (doing a bit of homework on some plays and practicing them helped greatly). I opted not to get involved with any of the guys I had before, especially knowing that we would be moving to Nevada the next year, in 93. There wasn’t anything I could do to change that; I tried and tried to talk my mom out of not getting involved with Manny. But because I was a child, she wouldn’t listen. It was somewhat of a pain to know the things I knew and not be listened to.

Next thing I knew, we were indeed moving to Nevada, to that hole in the wall town. It actually hurt more than it did before; I left a lot more friends this time around! At least I didn’t leave a boyfriend behind; wasn’t as comforting but it felt fair. Moving to Nevada made me realize the other moments I would have there, the good ones… and the bad. With what I knew about how my relationship would end with Monica, I didn’t bother making friends with her or any of the other neighborhood kids. So to them, I was the “stuck up country bitch” that thought she was too good to be around them. That was fine: Monica would eventually prove my mother’s instincts right and the others wouldn’t be there for much longer as it was. The only disheartening thing was that I wouldn’t befriend Mr. Thomas, Monica’s dad.

Another dilemma appeared: my relationship with Nate. It was a curse and a blessing that I knew so much about things yet to happen. In the “original” past, Nate and I met during a spring break my senior year, a week before prom. He would eventually become my prom date and my first fiancé. I loved him so much that I turned down the scholarship that would take me back home to be with him… only to become absolutely heartbroken four years later. I had a chance to redo all of that, to do things totally different with him. I could possibly erase the heartbreak.

After considerate thinking, I got my wish. I altered my relationship with Nate and to me, it was the best thing I changed after breaking up with Ivan! With me so into my look, grades and basketball career… I decided to not have a relationship with him! It definitely was for the best; I couldn’t see any way to avoid the heartache that would endure.

So, yeah; senior year saw me as the most popular person in school. I was a starter for the basketball team, in the Honor Society, class president… and on track to be the salutatorian. Which was fine by me; before, I had graduated two hundred and something out of three hundred seniors! Instead of taking the ASVAB to go into the military, I took my SATs and ACT this time around, earning marks high enough to basically go to any college I wanted. I went from almost putting an ad in the paper for a prom date to having several choices lined up! I chose one of my dearest friends, Ed Sanders who sat in the back with me, Quincey and Damon in World History, acting a fool every day! That was something that I didn’t want to change; how the four of us would almost always get in trouble in that class (we still never got caught cheating on tests; it wasn’t our fault that the teacher would leave the answers on his desk and we were allowed in there during lunch)! Another thing that changed for prom: Ed was the one who took my virginity!

We were a surprisingly cute couple but we both knew that it wouldn’t last. I would be definitely going back home to attend the University of Houston, taking advantage of at least one free scholarship. There were no hard feelings about it; he was going to North Carolina, anyway but we said that we would always remain the best of friends.

I then realized what was happening. It was definite that I was going to college and not wasting thirteen years of my life in Fallon, NV. But that meant not meeting the other people that played a large part of half of my twenties: Evan and his wife, Regina; weird ass Pete, Lance and Stephanie… none of them. It was even possible that… I wouldn’t meet Allen. While I had an overwhelming feeling that my purpose of travelling back in time was to right what was wrong, I had a feeling that I may had went a bit too far with my changes!

But… I knew all about them. And there were quite a few relationships with others that I kept intact. So… things were truly up to me. I held onto my own fate. Because if things weren’t meant to be at all, I wouldn’t remember any of it. But as it stood, I thought about Allen a lot. I figured: whatever happened, all I had to do was come back to Nevada in seven years and make sure I was in the club on that faithful July 5th night! What could possibly happen to deter that…?

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