I finally found you

What happens when heaven (the new old girl ) falls in like with her old pal (luke) will all hell brake loose or will their love sparkle in the moonlight?


4. suprise

Luke:hey heaven

Heaven:hey luke

Luke:heaven i need to tell you

Ashton:hey hotstuff

Heaven:hey ash hows ya been

Calum:hey sexy has luke told you yet

Micheal:hey lil momma

Heaven:hey everyone and what were you gonna tell me luke?

Luke:oh nonthing its not important!

Luke runs up to his room

Heaven:whats wrong with him

Calum:you havent noticed all these years

Heaven:noticed what

Ash:he loves you

Heaven:i know we are best friends!

Micheal: no you dont get it, he loves you more than a friend

Heaven: how can i not realize this

Heaven runs to lukes room

Heaven:luke let me in

Luke:go away


Luke: why did you say please you know i could never say know to you

Luke opens door

Calum yells: dont fuck him that hard heaven

Heaven shuts the door and locks it

Luke: why did calum say that

Heaven: luke i love you

Luke: what

Luke:i mean i love you too

Heaven: how can i not realize it

Luke:you are my perfect

Sex scene ahead read at your own risk!!!!

Remember if you are little skip all of it ,it is not for children under 14 thqnk you

Luke grabs heaven and pecks her

Heaven puts tougue into it

*luke moans loud*

Everyone laughs downstars but they didnt care

Luke ripped heavens shirt off

I unhooked my bra

Luke took off his shirt and his pant only his boxers were on

Luke sliped his hands under heavens panties and then took then off

I took lukes boxers off! I looked down and realized he was hard i giggled

Luke grabbed my ass then i moaned as loud as i could

Luke put his dick in me he moaned

I grinded on him as hard as i could

Lukes P.O.F

Heaven was so beautiful

I loved her

Heaven was griding so hard so i kissed her as hard as i could she kissed me back

Having sex with heaven felt so fucking good

Im glad im wearing a condom just in case this happend

Heavens ass looked so cute and firm i want to lick it

I took my dick out of her because she was moaning so loud the neighbors might hear us

Heaven:omg that felt so good

Luke:will you go out with me



Heaven: im just kidding

Luke:do you wanna be finished

Heaven: yea but not for long

Luke: let me try something first

I flipped on top of her she was on bottom now She giggled i love her laugh it made me smile so i accendenly stuck my dick in her as hard as i could and she moaned so freakin loud and then she kissed me so she would stop moaning!!

I moaned so loud but not as loud as her

I love her so much

I dont know what it is but i know i want her

I felt her breath against my lips

My cock was still in her

I couldnt stop it

Heaven flipped over and started boucing on me

I moaned

She said i cant do this no more im done you took my energy

Heaven i love you

Baby i love you too

She called me baby!!!!


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