I finally found you

What happens when heaven (the new old girl ) falls in like with her old pal (luke) will all hell brake loose or will their love sparkle in the moonlight?


5. one amazing night

I invited a few friends for calum,ashton,and mikey.

Kayli,katelyn,and mia.

*knock knock*

Its us the girls said

Micheal:did you invite kayli

Heaven: yea why

Mikey:yes i mean cool

Luke came over and put his arm around me and hugged me

The girls walked in

Calum: since the girls are here lets play t or d

Everyone says yes

~ calum had to flash his dick~

~luke had to clean me out~

~mia had to twirk~

~mikey confesed he liked kayli~

~kayli wore no clothes for the rest of the game~

Then everybody was tired because ut was 2:30 a.m

I went up kissed luke and told him goodnight

I fell asleep but then i woke up crying and breathing hard so i went down stairs saw kayli was still naked sleeping with mikey. Katelyn was drunk on the kitchen table. Mia was outside on the deck with calum. My love was on the couch looking at the wall.


Luke: heaven what are you doing awake

Heaven: what are you doing awake

Luke: i couldnt sleep

Heaven: i had a nightmare will you come sleep with me

Luke: of course

He got up and took my hand as we went up stairs

He layed me down and held me close to him

It was no suprise than i put my leg around him and and made out with him


Heaven: yea

Luke: i love you

Heaven: i love you to

Luke: now go to sleep my love

I fell asleep to the sound of his voice!!!

Sorry for the writing i messed up but i hoped you all liked it. Sorry for the short chapters!!!! Please comment and tell me what should happen next.

Thank you!!

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