What does sunshine taste like? (Kurtbastian fanfic)


2. Chapter 2

Kurt checked his phone for the 10th time smiling to himself when he saw that it was finally 6:30 he got up and brushed off his tux grabbing Sebastian's hand and brushing him off to. He links there arms and begins to walk down the stairs.

As they reach the door Sebastian can't help but smile there's a horse carriage that has his and Kurts name on it.

"I rented it for the night sweety." Kurt said looking up into his boyfriends eyes.

"It's beautiful Kurt!" He said a tear falling down his cheek, when Kurt noticed the tear he wiped it away the kissed Sebastian.

"Follow me." Kurt took his hand and descended into the cart and they took off to breadstix. When they arrived they sat down and began to look at the menu.

As they ordered their food Sebastian couldn't help but smile, he had planned to go and get Kurt a charm bracelet and a scrap book for himself to keep if their relationship. He was hoping to buy a camera with his money.

                   When they finished Kurt payed,  and now it was time for Sebastian's part of date night,  they got on the horse drawn carriage and Sebastian asked the driver to bring them to the mall.  Once they arrived Sebastian pulled Kurt along to the jewelry store to buy his bracelet.

                    "Kurt I have to give you a present before anything!"  He pulled out a charm bracelet with a K on it.

                     "Awe Bas you shouldn't have!"  He stared at Sebastian's vivid green eyes.

                     "But I did,  because you're the best boyfriend anyone could ask for!"  Sebastian smiled and hugged Kurt.  That's when they heard a scream from the only person Kurt wished it hadn't been....

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