Only for a year


3. 3

There is someone I didn't recognize already in there, and a few seconds later a girl from my PE class who I can't stand because she can never shut up. And is practically throwing her self at coach Patrick. Anyways, she's sobbing and yelling at one of the cops, and all of a sudden she starts to gag and throws up right on top of my new mini skirt!!!!! "Eewww, get this stupid bitch away from me!!! This is brand new! Your gonna pay for it!!" I yelled at no one in particular. Then out if nowhere tears started rolling down my check as reality hits me and I realized this is actually happening. My parents are gonna kill me! The whole car ride was a blur. I just remember sobbing like a big ugly baby, definitely not my greatest moment. We arrived at the at the station and we were pushed pass the waiting area and pulled into a little room with a make shift cell that smelled like cheap perfume and cigarettes. And the officer came up to me and asked ALOT of questions. Eventually he gave up and told me that they had already called my parents and they would be there any second. I'm screwed

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