Only for a year


2. 2

As the two boys tackle each other, I stand there and stare at them like an idiot. I try and make myself move forward but my feet refuse to do so. All that liquor has gotten to me, I'm gonna have the worst fuckin hang over tomorrow! So I'm just staring at them and sorta start laughing my ass off like some phsyco bitch. I'm laughing so much and my head is pounding I hear a ring in my ears. I don't even hear the sirens, or the door bursting open, or the shouts. Suddenly I'm pushed over as people start rushing toward the backyard in an attempt to escape. Only then do I see the cops in the house. And I just sit there unable to move my legs, I turn back to the boys but their long gone. I look back towards the cops and make eye contact with one of them. I push my self up and try running to the backyard, but I can't really see straight and the world is sorta spinning me around and around. Well the next thing I know I'm on the ground with a cop on top of me yelling a bunch of gibberish. He lifts me up and practically drags my ass to the cop car.

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