Aria's love for one

Arias in a bar when she meets him. It goes in an unexpected direct.


1. Aria's Love For Him

Aria was sitting on the seat she always sat in at Karits. The hot new bar. Just as she saw him, reading the bar menu. He was amazing. She moved over and sat next to him. She was trying to be subtle and introduce herself. But, she was simply too nervous. So she just stood there watching him. Just then he turned towards the bartender. And said "Excuse me, but can I have two sanders." The best drink there but, not to Aria she hated that drink. He turned and said "Here I wanted to give you this drink, my name is Niall." Then she said "Thank you. I know who you are. And I love this drink. I'm Aria." She lied but she wanted to impress her favorite one direction member. She just then realized that there wasn't a crowd of people. Girls. Anyone. The bar was just about empty except for her and him. She looked at him and said "Whys this place so empty it's usually full. It should be even more since you are here." He answered "well because I was coming they restricted the list to V.I.P only. Wow I like your shorts." They were high waisted three button shorts. "They are tight how do you get in those?" He asked. "It depends how charming you are."

That's all I can think of for this chapter if you have any ideas please let me know I hope to add for people and have it go in many different ways. So please comment suggestions.

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