Junkie noun informal a drug addict Synonyms: addict, abuser, more • a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something "Power junkies" In this case: "Margo junkie" Mature content: - drug usage - toxic relationships - underage drinking - vulgarity - explicit scenes


3. SEX



  Margo roughly shoved Eli onto the bed, breath heavy and deep as he watched her place herself between his legs. Swiftly, she tucked her arms off the strap of the dress and shimmied out of the loose garment until it slipped off her body completely. She was undeniably beautiful. Her creamy skin glimmered in the darkness of the room, her white bralette revealed her perky breasts and her tight nipples poking out of the lace, they weren't the largest of breasts, but big enough for his hands to grab and his mouth to suck. 

Gracefully, she crawled over his body until her breath hit the crook of his neck. Margo widened the space between her legs until she was about to straddle his torso, feeling his length tense against the thick fabric of his jeans as she rocked her crotch over his pulsing member. "Fuck." He hissed between his teeth. His head sank into the mattress while his neck arched. He brought his hands to her hips and tightened, forcing her down against him and rocked her harder on her groin.

Margo laced her fingers into one of his hands as she brought it over his head. Bending down, she gently brushed her wet lips near his until they connected. He tasted of scotch and cigarettes, a bitter taste leaving her tongue stinging and craving for more. He parted her lips with his impatient tongue and connected passionately in a game of dominance. Their tongues fought against each other. They're kiss was wild and thoughtless, the only goal in mind was to explore each other's mouth. She was as bold as he was, dueling tongues and bitting his bottom lip, causing his whole body to jerk. Each assault established that the two of them weren't succumbing to one another until his spare hand sunk his fingers into her long hair and pulled on a fistful of it until she relinquished any possibility of control. She moaned and obeyed his command, continuing to rock against him. He pushed the back of her head until they're noses were colliding, his lips tarnishing her beautiful sweet mouth until they were swollen and plump. He continued to brutalize her mouth with each pleasurable thrust with his tongue, tasting every aspect of her mouth. Margo let go of his hand and grabbed his shirt, her hands forming into fists. Her moans were quiet, whimpers that caused him to lose control each time the noise slipped her lips. It was causing his eyes to roll to the back of head in ecstasy. She pulled away, panting for air. 

Margo sat up straight until her she was able to rock her body at a faster pace. Her back arched. She let her head drop back lightly. Her long hair swaying behind her as her eyes slowly fluttered shut. 

His hands gently groped her breasts causing a pleasurable sound to escape her throat as she dipped her head farther back, jutting her chest out for him to tease. He pushed the straps of the bralette away from her shoulders, bringing himself up to kiss the contrasting shade all the way to very top of her breast. The kisses were so small and gentle, it was practically torture. She wanted his teeth to sink into her chest, her fingers to squeeze until she screamed. Margo's breath caught in her throat. "Eli," She whispered softly "Eli, please." He took the straps off her shoulders slowly, then he reached it over her arms and head, tossing it somewhere in the room.

 His hands continued to massage her perky breast. He ran his index finger along her nipple before kissing her breast. The warm sensation of his tongue touching her breast caused her back to arch even more. His lips continued to gnaw her nipple while the other grasped onto her breast, continuously groping it as she hummed in approval, her body responding with several shudders washing over her. His fingers continued to manipulate the extra flesh while his tongue primary focused on the weight of her rigid nipple. He flicked it with his tongue causing a pleasurable sensation to run down her thighs.

"Eli." She breathed, and then suddenly he twisted he body until she was laying on her back. She was out of breath, eyes dusted with lust and astonishment, but before she could recuperate, he was already on top of her. He snugged himself up against her soaked panties, and the tiniest of friction he dragged caused her to moan fiercely. His hands reached up for his shirt, tugging it over his head while her cold hands were already on his tanned  stomach, feeling the muscles jerk against her touch. Trailing her long nails until she could feel the skin swell and his breath hiss in pleasure. He bent down to kiss her again, her lips open and connecting passionately all while his hands roamed against her stomach and hers around his back leaving battle scars when he pulled on her bottom lip, his teeth clamping on the tiniest of flesh.

His fingers slipped past her flimsy lingerie, feeling the creamy wetness soak her panties through-and-through. "Fuck," He whispered. "look at you, you're soaked for me." His fingers dropped closer where her heat was burning but not close enough to give her the pleasure she was begging for. She pushed her torso up, silently pleading for him to touch her, to fuck her. "Eli!" She cried out. 

"What do you want from me?" He said into her ear, kissing her earlobe lightly, nibbling just as she did before.

She was huffing by now, feeling the radiating heat in her lower section driving her mad, teasing her to wait. "You," She moaned. "You inside me. Thrusting in me hard, making me scream until my throat is hoarse." Eli slid back, his eyes fixated on the lacy panties that were outlining her. He reached for the lace around her hipbone and tugged down, removing it cleanly as he disposed of his jeans and shoes. But not forgetting the condom in his pocket as he did so. He rolled it on easily.

 She was there for is disposal, anything he wanted to do to her, he had it right before her. Her legs were spread, revealing her most intimate parts. He wanted to ravish in her, to feel her shudder under his touch. "Sit up," He commanded. Silently, she did as she was told. "Good girl." He said lowly in his throat, and she whimpered. 

 He went around the bed until he was behind her, and soon enough she got the gist of what he was silently demanding. She moaned at the thought. She bent onto her hands and knees. Her hands tightly squeezing the sheets under her for grip. He didn't wait, or pause, or ask, he went ahead and pushed himself forward. With a hiss and a moan, she clawed at the sheets as he thrusted himself inside her. She was trembling from his length. She clenched around him tightly, causing him to groan. "Harder," She huffed, squeezing the sheets into it balled around her fists. And he did, to the point where he slamming himself inside her balls deep. He hissed into the small of her back. His hands went around to her chest and squeezed on her breasts while the other clenched her hipbone, forcing her back as he surged forward. Colliding in the middle. She was groaning incoherently at the assault of her breast. Feeling her clench and unclench around him. He let go of her breast and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked----hard---- causing her body to come far more closer. She was yelling, screaming the words: 'Yes' Yes!' 'God' over the blaring music happening downstairs. No one could hear as his barbaric groans grumbled at the bottom of his throat and her pleading screams begged for rougher, harder, more. His spare hand when to her mouth, muffling her screams.

"Oh, God." She yelled in his hand. "Eli, Eli Eli." 

"Fuck," He growled, feeling her begin to clench a little tighter around him. He loved the way she said his name, in almost of a whisper of plea. Begging for him to stop? To continue? They were both to delirious to know the difference. 

He continued to pound into her, ripping his hand away from her mouth, he reached under to find her clit. "Eli, I'm-I-" That's when he pinched her clit hard, enough for her to choke out a painful moan. "Fuck!" She screamed coming to her climax, feeling the jolt of pleasure burst throughout her body.  Her pussy clenched around him, causing him to groan in delight as he continued a few more thrust. He was almost there. He could feel himself rising, the heat and roughness leaving him to release nearly right after. He sank his chest on top of her, his face buried in her hair as they both panted. He collapsed to the side. And soon she rolled her head on his chest, both of them catching their breaths. 

"How....." He breathed out after a while. "Haven't I seen you before?"

She smiled, weakly lifting her head up and kissing his chest. "You probably have seen me at school," She said. "But you weren't looking."

He was going to start looking for her more from now on.

With weary muscles and weak thighs, Margo got up from the bed. She collected her clothes and threw them back on before coming around the bed and meeting Eli's gaze. "That was a lot of fun," She whispered against his lips. "Maybe we can do this again another time?"

As his response, he lifted his head up to meet her lips for one last kiss. It was a small, gentle touch. One that was a bit surprising for Margo. And with that long, soft kiss, he pulled away meeting her wondrous eyes. 

That was a good enough response for the both of them.


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