Junkie noun informal a drug addict Synonyms: addict, abuser, more • a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something "Power junkies" In this case: "Margo junkie" Mature content: - drug usage - toxic relationships - underage drinking - vulgarity - explicit scenes





    Eli didn't see Margo until he arrived to lunch.

It seemed she was invisible during the morning. Every time he even saw a glimmer of strawberry blonde hair his heart would jump only to discover the disappointment that it wasn't her. As beautiful as she was, she had a knack of blending in with the crowd. 

But when he saw her, he found himself wanting to sit beside her. Or, rather, her on top of his lap, but that's beside the point. All he wanted to do was to touch her again even on the tiniest flesh of her smooth skin. Margo was too distracted to see him admire her from afar watching the charisma she has when she was around other people. A sweet gentle smile gleamed across her face, a smile that he didn't see last night. It was too loopy, delirious probably from all the drugs she used. This smile was more refreshed and awakened like she was present to the very moment. Sober from all the alcohol and narcotics. Then the realization dawned to him. Oh fuck, what if she doesn't remember the other night?

The very thought made his stomach drop in mortification. 

"Hey, Elijah!" His friends howled from their table. He stiffly walked over to where he belonged. Although he was very distracted with Margo, his expression didn't show it. Then again, his expression hardly showed anything but indifference. He took a seat next to Kimberly, or was it Emily? Something with an ly he was certain. 

While everyone discussed events and other social gatherings that was happening this week, Eli's mind found its way back to Margo. The way her eyes curled up when it was an authentic smile. The way her laugh sounded like a singing bird echoing through darkness. She was a beacon of light. 

He felt a gentle shove on his shoulder, Kimberly looking at him with curious eyes. "You okay?" She whispered lowly and he nodded, looking back to his untouched food. "I'm fine." He responded lightly, but with a certain authority to not push the subject. Kimberly, Emily, or whatever the hell her name was isn't an air-head. That's what Eli knew for sure, so you can imagine his surprise when she continued to press on. "You've been acting funky since the party. Did something happen?"

He met her eyes. "Everything is fine." 

Jefferson's laughter distracted the intensity of his stare causing the tension between them to ease. "Don't mind him, Cecily. He doesn't ever like talking about anything personal. Try dealing with that pain of the ass for six years." 

Cecily and the others giggled. Eli forced out a smile because somehow Margo's laughter was the only thing pestering his ears. He wanted to turn around. He wanted to look at who made her smile and hope it wasn't some guy. His hands clenched at the thought, and his throat tightened. Jesus, Eli. Calm down. You aren't even dating her

Eli has a tendency to be a little overprotective

While Jefferson was telling a story about them in the six grade, Eli slowly looked over his shoulder. He was just going to look at her real quick. Making sure was everything fine. (How could it not be fine, though? He just saw her five minutes ago.) Until they locked eye contact. 

Her eyes were warm and soft when she gazed at him unlike the other day when they were daring and almost predatory. Like if he was the bait she was able to hook for the night. Her gentle hands propped her head up almost covering the soft smile placed on her lips. She seemed to have been watching him to and the tightness of his gut slowly untwine as the relief settled in. She remembers me

She raised her hand and twiddled her fingers before looking back to her friends. 

a/n short and cute. lol, not for long. 

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