Junkie noun informal a drug addict Synonyms: addict, abuser, more • a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something "Power junkies" In this case: "Margo junkie" Mature content: - drug usage - toxic relationships - underage drinking - vulgarity - explicit scenes





After lunch, it took him ten minutes to find her.

Her hip was popping out as the left side of her body leaned on a locker. Margo was chatting with a friend, someone forgettable and nameless. She had brunette hair and he remembers seeing her a lot, but she never really caught his attention. He has to start paying attention this his surroundings more. It was incredible how he hadn't even glanced at Margo before the other night.

Her friend stopped talking midway into the conversation, mouth dropping and eyes gazing at Eli with awe. Margo hesitantly looked over her shoulder, only to be introduced to the blonde boy with the pale eyes. But somehow his eyes were a shade darker. Pupils heightened and eyes curved into an expression of cockiness. "Can I borrow her for a second?" He said to her friend, but his hand was already intertwined with her fingers and before she knew it he was pulling her away. He shouldered people through the crowd of teenagers, giving Margo a clear path as she walked behind him. Nonetheless, she progressively realized that there wasn't anyone to shove. When people saw Eli they paved the way for him. It reminded her of Exodus, when the seas parted for Moses. Eli was a God succumbed to a mere mortal. What she didn't realize was that she had the power to break him in the very touch.

And he would let her. 

"Eli," She murmured. "My class is the other way."

She saw the side of his face curve into mischief. "You aren't going to class."

Margo smiled lightly, knowing there was not any chance she could argue. "Okay." 

So Eli led her to the empty classroom. It's been empty since he was a freshman. Due to cut backs and modest funds for education it has never been opened for a teacher. So, everyone knows it as the Mr. Screw's class: Classroom 369. Eli tugged Margo inside before anyone could see. His lips were on hers the second the door clicked shut. His fingers tactfully locking it shut while his focus was clearly on something else. It was such an emotionally driven kiss. One founded on pure passion. She heard a small hitching gasp escape her lips and then his mouth connected with hers with urgency as if she was about disappear. The other night was too delirious and hard to remember, but the most she remembered from that night was his kisses, his touch, and most importantly his eyes. Now, she realized, he knew exactly what he was doing when he kissed her. His skillful lips managed to slip in between her mouth, tongue exploring any detail he missed the other night. It's like he molded himself into her. His body fits with hers perfectly as he brought two fingers on her chin to nudge her up. It shook her entire body, awakening nerves and thoughts she's only had through drugs and liquor. He intensified everything she had in a kiss.

Her fingers slipped under his shirt and he jumped lightly from her touch. Her cool fingers smoothly running through his entire body, and slowly he relaxed. He felt her fingers graze his abdomen area, refining every detail in his body. He was lean but not skinny. She could feel the hardness of his body----in both ways----and found her way up, tugging the hem of his shirt until it was smoothly off him. Mouths pulled apart but reunited in a matter of seconds. He was toned in the muscles of his arms down to the very end of his torso, teasing just under his belt buckle that had not done its job. His jeans hung loosely around his hips until the brand of his designer boxers filled her eyes.

She broke the kiss, connecting her mouth with the crook of his neck that seemed to connect to his weak knees. His fingers found her flimsy shirt and with trembling fingers he unbuttoned them with haste. Once he was capable of tearing it off her and discard it on the tile floor, his eyes grew into a mossy shade of green. It was nothing flashy, she realized. Margo wished she wore one of her lacy bras, but it appeared to make no difference to Eli. His eyes were filled with lust and a flash of something else, but was gone within seconds. He grabbed her waist and pressed his body onto her until she was leaning on the desk. Hands clawing at the handles as he felt her up within seconds. His hands slipped under the bra, hands cupping her perky breast, grazing onto the tight nipples. She shuddered as a moan grumbled in her throat. His lips occupied themselves with the structure of her jaw. 

"God," He mumbled into her jaw. "I've been waiting to do this all fucking day."

"I'm here now." She said, but her voice sounded quiet and hushed. 

He made a noise he didn't think he could make. "Let's get this off you." He said, unclipped her bra and assisting her in taking it off. Margo spread her legs, tugging him closer to her with the hem of his jeans. She giggled silently when she felt him through the thick section of his jeans, but the smile was quickly wiped from her lips when his lips connected in a slow, breathtaking kiss, meshing their bodies closer until the space between them was nonexistent. It was like when he breathed, she exhaled. It was to the point in which they were one body

Her hands fumbled with the buckle, fiddling with the loops to the point where she was unzipping him. Desperate for him to be inside her. No more teasing games or waiting a second longer. She pulled down hard, until it easily slipped down to his knees. Meanwhile, he hitched her skirt up and lets out a heavy breath of air when he saw her cheeky black underwear. Instantly he lifted her up, and before she could squeal his lips latched on hers once more into another delirious kiss that caused her head to spin and stomach to churn. 

Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands curled into his soft hair. She felt the chilly wall press onto her back. His fingers fumbled against her panties and brought them down over her thighs. His fingers glided over her pussy finding it soaking wet already at the softest touch. She hitched a gasp against his lips, lips parting wider when he slid one finger inside her, then two. Eventually it came down to only four fingers, clenching around him so tightly he groaned, pulling away from her lips and savagely sucking on the crook of her neck. Her hands rose up, whimpering moans escaping her lips ever so softly. If they screamed too loud, security would be forced to investigate the noise. And even if security were to open the door, Margo wouldn't want him to cease. It was nearly the thrill of getting caught that tightened the pit of her stomach. Her toes curled around his waist when he pushed five fingers---mouth parting and a silent scream as she desperately clawed at the wall. For something---anything----to grab as he worked her to the limit. It was painful. Yet so fucking good.  She knows by the end of this, even though she's soaked, she's going to put up with the soreness the next day. And by the curve of his lips on her shoulders, she is well aware that he knows it. 

His hand went to her throat, and he squeezed lightly. 

Her breath caught in her throat. But the shrill satisfaction filled her body and she arched her back. Her skin desperate to touch him, and as he squeezed harder, she felt more pleasure in her core. Heat rising higher and higher to the point where she thought she was about explode. "Eli," She gasped, pulling away from his lips. "Eli." 

"Mmm," He murmured. "I love it when you say my name like that." It was like she was worshipping him, praising him and impatient for more. After all, who wouldn't worship the exact person controlling your pleasure and pain? 

A slight smile formed at the end of her lips. It was daring. "Eli, Eli, Eli, Eli." She hummed, each time more drastic than the other and he scoffed, humored but not enough to smile. She was asking for it. His fingers twitched around her throat.

"Are you teasing me, little girl?" He hissed, eyes blazing with lust more than rage. 

Her smile widened. "Mhm," She pressed. "What are you..." She hissed, feeling his fingers curl inside her. "Going to do about it?" 

He smirked, fingers pushing harder into her until her mouth was forming into an O. "This." Be the only thing he said before he pumped into her faster. In, out, in, out, in, out, over and over, and over again. She was squealing, eyes shut and heavy breaths fanning over his face. Her body was pushing off the wall and hands itching for something to grab---settling on the cloth of his shirt as she desperately clung on. 

"Oh, my God. " She finally whispered, eyes shut tight as she focused her intensity in the center of her core that seemed to be unwinding at his very touch.  "Eli----Eli, I'm going to--"

"Come?" Eli asked, and if Margo wasn't so focused on getting off she would've noticed the slight slip of mischief in his tone. "Ah, wouldn't that be wonderful?" 

Confused, Margo fought to open her eyes. But when she did she suddenly knew. His fingers stopped working her and "No, no," she begged, straining and desperate. "Eli, please. I'm sorry."

"For what?" He asked.

She merely looked straight at him. Her dark eyes were swelling with pride. 

"You know exactly what I want you to say," Eli whispered in her ear. "Now say it." 

Contemplation was written all over her face, her face softened with pleasure from the soft work his thumb was doing as he rubbed her softly--enough to feel but not enough o fully release. "Eli---"

"Say it with me," He whispered in her ear. "For being a bad girl." 

"Eli," She said weakly. "I'm sorry for being a bad girl." 

He thought about it. "Not good enough." 

"What!" Eyes widened. "Eli, don't you---"

Unfortunately he found myself in no mood to be sympathizing. He ignored her pleas and removed his fingers from her pussy, and chuckled as he unwrapped her legs from his waist and placed her limp legs back onto the ground. She groaned and whined and scrunched her face up in irritation. As he collected his things and pulled his jeans back up, a devilish smirk played on his lips. An expression Margo wanted to slap, hard. "Meet me at my car after school," He said, quickly pecking her lips. "Don't be late." 

"I hate you." 

Just as he opened the door, he looked over his shoulder. "Then you can finish yourself off late today." And clicked the door shut. Margo stood facing the door, puffing a frustrating breath of air. Her hair was tangled and messy, blouse unbuttoned and skirt ruffled up. She looked as if she's been brutally drilled. And to think. I didn't even get to cum yet. 

a/n Looks like Eli doesn't like to be teased (lolololol) Sexual frustrations are the worst. Idk if the ending made any sense but I've gathered men like leaving girls sexually frustrated. Makes them more eager when it comes to the second round, and probably for Margo, more rough. I'm trying to apply more dirty talk, please bear with me. I'm just not in the habit of personally doing dirty talk myself but I'm going to apply it though my writing (; (This also was a really long chapter and I needed to cut it short whoops) 

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