Junkie noun informal a drug addict Synonyms: addict, abuser, more • a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something "Power junkies" In this case: "Margo junkie" Mature content: - drug usage - toxic relationships - underage drinking - vulgarity - explicit scenes





     He didn't know if it was the drugs or the alcohol that stimulating his strong desire for the girl in the crowd. But it didn't matter. All he knew was that he wouldn't mind fucking the shit out of her, hard. 

She was enfolded by the hundreds of other teenagers crushed together. The ebullience of others engulfed in their own need only suffocated the clammy air even more. The desperation for the touch of others, the taste of salt and alcohol, the feel of others desires layered on top of their own. It caused his stomach to churn for the constant feeling, too. The feeling of being lost in someone else and never intending on coming back. 

The girl wore a crimson red ruffled dress that set her apart from the forgettable faces around her. When she swayed her body, it would move with her, revealing the fair flesh of her upper thighs. His teeth gnawed at the inside of his lip, nibbling persistently as he watched her hands roam her own her own body as she pressed her backside against another woman.

Someone was speaking to him but Eli didn't care enough to listen or process the voice calling his name. He was too captivated with the curves of the girl's waist that subtly revealed itself through the dress as she twisted to side, then he followed the crook of her neck as she leaned into the girl, and saw the way her eyes fluttered when the girl nipped at the skin on her neck. Her long, curly strawberry blonde hair hung over to the side and he couldn't help but imagine his hands ferociously grabbing a fistful of it as he thrust in her over, and over, and over---

He didn't realize she was looking at him until his eyes roamed back to her heart-shaped face. His heart jumped lightly but he didn't break the eye contact between them. How could he? He was captivated. Her eyes looked cloudy barely managing focus and yet she appeared to have every intention to keep her gaze locked on him. As she did so, he couldn't help but roam to her ass, which was now grinding against the other girl behind her. Her hands roamed freely around her body. Slowly, down her breasts and slides down her waist to her thighs. Her fingers itched the fabric of the dress and faintly rose upward for him to see red lace panties that boldly stood out against her creamy skin. 


He lifted himself off the sofa he was sitting on around his friends. "Eli, where are you going?" Someone asked, but he didn't bother to acknowledge the voice. He now proceeded to walk to his destination. Bodies pressed against his own, and roamed around his as they danced, desperately trying to lure him to the burry faces. However, his desire wasn't for them, but for someone who wasn't too far from Eli. She continued to stare at him, and as he got closer he begun to see the perfect little details on her body. Her freckled face had a coat of sweat that made her pale skin glossy and divine. She had the darkest eyes he'd ever seen. They reflected the glimmering lights around them and his own shadowy silhouette. He wanted to melt into her cloudy gaze. Her button nose pointed up slightly and her lips were naturally puckered.

They seemed so soft, so plump and beautiful. Too perfect. He just wanted to destroy them with his own. He just wanted to ruin her in every way with only his body as his weapon. His breath was shallow as he instinctively trailed his index finger lightly across her smooth, sweaty skin. She smiled lightly, the feel of narcotics fueling her heated desire as she tugged the hem of his shirt until he was right in front of her. Forehead and noses touch. The smell of liquor coming from both of their hot breaths. She stepped in until her body rolled into him, completely disposing of the girl behind her. His lustful eyes morphed into a darker shade of gray.

Eli's fingers trailed along the flesh her collarbone as he leaned his head to kiss her shoulder. She shuddered against him when she felt his tongue lapping against her skin. The sweat was like salt on his tongue, but he continued until he got to the nook of her neck. Hands roaming until it slowly reached her ass. Just as he sank his teeth into her neck, his hands grabbed onto her ass cheeks hard until a gasp reached her mouth and suddenly she was drowning in him. Her chapped lips were breathing against his jaw bone and her fingers clawed at his scalp. He groaned in pleasure. He was delirious as he inhaled her sweet smell of lemon and cranberry vodka. 

"Margo." She hummed sweetly just as she sucked on his earlobe, pulling and nibbling the tiny flesh. He growled into her neck, fingers digging into the flesh of her ass.

"Eli." He grunted. 

She let go of his earlobe. "I know," She smiled lazily. Then reached out to grab his hand, placing her finger around his. "Come on." 

"Where are we going?" He said his voice husky from the torrid affair that just happened a few seconds ago. He softly yanked her closer to him. One, so he could hear her and most importantly: he needed someone to cover the front of his jeans.

She took a sharp breath and giggled silently when she felt him near her hip."Somewhere we can fuck."

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