Charlotte Jones is stuck in a world where love is looked at as a disease. She is caught talking about becoming a Shadow with her friends Talia and Madi. Shadows believe in love, which most think is bad. The three friends must now escape without getting caught. If they are caught, they'll be given a choice. A world without love or death?


9. Making the Escape

It was 9:55pm and my heart was racing. I was standing with one hand on the door handle. My grandma was right beside me. I had my backpack on as well as some running shoes.

If I was caught by a Policer, I was supposed to tell them that I was going to a sleepover at my friend Talia’s house. I was ready. Nervous, but ready. I gave my grandma a nod of the head and I was off.

I made it look casual. Just a fifteen year old girl walking to her friend’s house for a sleepover.

I reached Lake Luv and headed towards the brick wall. Sure enough, a man and a woman were standing there. I walked slightly faster, still trying to act casual.

I didn’t see Talia or Madi. I was two minutes early, so I guessed that I would just wait for them.

I reached the brick wall and was suddenly even more nervous standing by the couple. At least, I assumed they were a couple.

“Hello. What are you doing out so late?” The woman asked me.

I now wasn’t sure if this was the couple that were waiting for me. I decided to tell them my name in hopes that they’d understand.

“I’m Charlotte.”

“You’re Charlotte? Okay. Where are the other two girls?” The woman said.

Thank goodness it was them.

“I’m not sure. They should be coming soon.” I wasn’t even sure if the words coming out of my own mouth were true.

“We can’t wait too long, people will get suspicious.” The man said.

The man had dark brown hair that looked very shaggy. He was buff and had on a ripped t-shirt and a dirty pair of jeans.

The woman looked kind of the same. She had light brown hair,and looked stronger than a lot of other woman I have seen. She was fairly tall and skinny. She wore a ripped t-shirt and a dirty pair of jeans as well.

It was 10:05pm when I started losing hope that Talia and Madi would make it. Luckily, out of my peripheral vision, I saw Talia rounding the corner with a backpack.

“That’s Talia.” I informed the couple I still didn’t know the names of.

Talia ran the last few feet and we hugged for a few seconds. Then she began to explain.

“I’m so sorry! I got stopped by a Policer and had to lie that I was going to Madi’s house for a sleepover.” Talia explained. “Where is Madi?”

“She’s not here yet.” I said sadly.

“What?!” Talia seemed scared.

“We have to leave now. If we stay much longer we’ll lose our opportunity.” The man exclaimed.

“Madi isn’t here yet! We can’t just leave her!” I yelled.

“We need to go now!” The woman said pointing to a Policer.

I guess I yelled too loudly. We all broke out into a sprint. Talia and I followed close behind and tried to keep up. I had no problem keeping up, but Talia was dragging behind.

The man noticed this too, so he picked Talia up on his back and ran with her. We reached the fence, and the Policer was only a few yards behind. The man set Talia down and jumped over the fence. The woman stayed on our side to help us over.

She helped Talia first, using her hands as a leg lift. As she was making a leg lift for me, the Policer caught up to us. The Policer grabbed her away and started hitting her with a bat. I started to climb the fence, the man trying to pull me over, when my foot got caught.

The Policer came over and tried to pull me off the fenced, which actually worked in my favor by getting my foot free. The man continued pulling me over. I was halfway over the fence, half of me free, and half of me capsulated. The man gave me one last hard yank and that’s all I remember. Everything went black.

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