Charlotte Jones is stuck in a world where love is looked at as a disease. She is caught talking about becoming a Shadow with her friends Talia and Madi. Shadows believe in love, which most think is bad. The three friends must now escape without getting caught. If they are caught, they'll be given a choice. A world without love or death?


28. A New Place

I had little slits in my eyes, allowing some light to come through. The slits grew, and my eyes were fully open. The first thing I thought was I died. I’m dead. There really is a Heaven.Then I saw Kyle’s face.

“Hey, it’s me. You’re okay.” Kyle repeated as I gained feeling back in my body.

I began to sit up slowly, and Kyle helped me. I looked around for a moment, trying to figure out if I was in the safe room or the medical room. My conclusion: neither. I was in some foreign room with concrete walls and a steel door with a small hatch that I assume opens.

“Where?” I ask in short, still dizzy.

“I’m not sure. The Flighters took us. I don’t know how many more of us they took.” Kyle explained calming, steadying me with his hand on my back.

“You- Okay?” I could only speak in short, fragmented phrases.

“Yeah.” Kyle chuckled as if it were obvious.

“How long?”

“You were out for two days.”

“Days?!” I was slowly gaining my ability to speak clearly back.

“Yeah. They basically choked you out and dragged you here. They tied my hands behind my back and forced me in the aircraft too. I, I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop them from hurting you.” Kyle looks away from me.

“It’s not your fault.” I say, resting my head on his shoulder.

Kyle strokes my hair and whispers to me, “We’ll get out of here okay. I promise.”

In that moment, I realized how much I liked Kyle.

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