They are here

When They want, I do. I kill when They want. (This is a little history)


1. The little Monster

I have 10 years old when I kill my families. I don't know why but I like the feeling. I like the smell of the blood, It smell so good. They call me the monster or the crazy girls. For my 15 years old, I kill my best friend, it was so good. They call me crazy but they never try. After I kill, I eat her eyes and her brain is so good. It like the food in a fast food but is more good and is free. They are so bad. They can talk in my brain. They say

"They are not your families kill they.... She not your friend kill her "

I do what they want.

One days, I see the more beautiful and good boy ever. I talk with his and he is good with my. But they don't line the boys. They want I kill his.So, I say I will kill if he don't like me. His name is Mark... So pretty like name. One night, Mark and me go to my house. I ask his if he like me. He say yes but They said he lies so I must kill he.

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