The Final Five Hundred and the End of the World

[In honor of 500 fans, I've agreed to write a story that must incorporate prompts decided upon by my fans. These include: Cyden, Trump, the end of the world, Movellians as superheroes, a talking cat named Diego, headphones used as a weapon, Oscar Wilde, and the words, "I love Donald Trump." Brace yourself.]


3. Three






    To say that Cyrus and Hayden were a little overwhelmed upon joining the Movellians might have been an understatement. To say that Cyrus was freaking out Hayden was having the time of his life would be completely accurate. So, in other words, it was Cyden as usual. 

    Raven had come racing in with Diego on her heels just minutes before Cyrus and Hayden arrived, so she was still panting when they walked through the door. Then, she promptly let out a little squeal, clamped her hands over her mouth in horror at the sound, and crawled into a convenient hole in the floor to die. 

    Prodigy, on the other hand, smiled. She smiled that slightly enigmatic, tight lipped smile. It was one of those smiles that, on any other person, would be reassuring - kind, even - but on her was just… menacing. “Hello, Cyrus and Hayden. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She offered her hand. 

    Cyrus shook first. He shivered. Hayden shook second. He shuddered. They muttered their half shocked greetings, then turned to Char for some sort of explanation. She was standing off to the side with Mari while Fever tended to Raven, glaring disapprovingly at Hayden and Cyrus every so often. 

    “Do you want to explain?” Char asked in the vague direction of either Mari or Prodigy. “Or should I?”

    “I’ll give them the thirty second version,” Prodigy decided. “We are the Movellians, a group of teens and young adults with various superpowers. We’ve decided that Donald Trump is a menace to society - and, quite frankly, the world - and must be destroyed before he brings about the apocalypse.” She turned, gesturing with a hand. “Mari, here, was offered the position of head PR agent at Trump’s headquarters, but she’s going to be secretly working with us.” 

    Mari looked mostly pale and less than thrilled about this.

    “With me as her assistant,” Diego piped up from where he sat licking his paw. Cyrus and Hayden’s eyes snapped to him, widening comically. 

    “Did that-“ Hayden began, looking at Cyrus.

    “-Cat just talk? Yeah,” Cyrus muttered. 

    “That’s probably the least weird thing you’ll see by the end of this,” Prodigy promised. “Anyway, I’m not sure what exactly you’ll be doing if you join us, but the more help we have the better.” 

    Hayden and Cyrus looked at each other, then at Char. “Can we have a minute? To talk about this?” Hayden asked.

    Prodigy shrugged. “Sure.”

    The trio left the room. A minute passed. They came back 

    This time, Cyrus acted as the spokesperson. “We have some reservations…” 

    “Oh?” Prodigy said, raising a brow. “This should clear it up: you will join us.” She smiled that smile. 

    The trio exchanged glances. “I’m convinced,” Cyrus announced. The other two nodded. Mari was distracted in the corner, staring at a bowl of fruit. She didn’t seem to hear.

    “Great!” Prodigy said, clapping her hands together. “Now let’s get Raven functioning and we’ll take you two back to the base to meet the others and see how things are going. Char, why don’t you stay here with Mari? Trump’s team will probably be contacting her soon, and then she’ll have to get to work. We can’t afford to wait longer than a few days, or else it might be too late. We need to move on Trump ASAP,” she told Mari. “So prove yourself as trustworthy, but do it quick, okay?” 

    Mari nodded, and Char gave her hand a little squeeze.

    Fever helped Raven to her feet, then followed Prodigy through the door. Cyrus and Hayden hesitated. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Cyrus whispered. 

    “Of course,” Hayden replied with a grin. “Joining forces with real life superheroes? With a talking cat? Dude, this is genius.”

    Cyrus laughed, and went along with him. 

    It wasn’t like he had a choice. 




    Prodigy showed Cyrus and Hayden around the bunker, being careful to avoid the chamber in which Jess and Oscar were sequestered. That was a can of worms that she honestly didn’t think Cyrus and Hayden could handle that day. As they walked down the corridor from the weapons vault back to the training room, Cyrus asked, “So, you’re the leader of the… Movellians?”

    Prodigy shrugged. “Not really, but kind of, I guess.”

    “What’s your power?” Hayden inquired, as he had done with nearly every other Movellian they’d come across. Invisible’s power really shouldn’t have come as that much of a shock after she’d introduced herself, but it seemed to really freak them out. 

    “It doesn’t work on the other Movellians,” Prodigy deflected. 

    “Does it work on us?” Cyrus asked.

     Prodigy smiled. Without another word, they dropped the subject. As they neared the training room, all three could hear unmistakable shouts coming from inside. Prodigy sighed, her hand hesitating on the handle.

    “Everything okay?” Hayden prompted. 

    “Is everything ever?” she muttered before pushing open the door. 

    Inside, there were Movellians scattered across the surprisingly large room, each practicing their own little powers in their own little groups. Sparrow spread her ghostly wings in one corner of the room, then vanished, appearing again in another. She looked pleased with herself. Music and May had teamed up; May was singing her beautiful songs through the mouth of the beast, which were then picked up by Music and broadcasted to the group of Movellians swaying trance-like at the beast’s feet. Snow was launching snow potatoes at a target, pretending that when she missed and hit Skie, it was by accident. 

    “Shit,” Hayden breathed, a smile on his face.

    Right in the middle of the chaos stood Raven shooting a death glare (not a Death Glare, but just a normal death glare) at Silver Lightning, directly across from her. They were the source of the shouting, not that anyone else seemed to notice or care. Raven shouting was more or less a daily occurrence. 

    “You take that back right now!” Raven hissed, her hands balled into fists at her side. 

    Silver crossed his arms. “No. I’m not afraid of you, Raven.”

    “You should be!” she threatened. 

    “Raven,” Prodigy warned. 

    “What?” Raven snapped without turning her head. 

    Prodigy sighed. “We’ve been over this. I know what you’re thinking, but no maiming or injuring anyone on our side, okay? We’re down enough people; we don’t need more… mishaps.” 

    Raven fumed, “He said my powers weren’t real. Let me show him.”

    “No,” Prodigy said, stepping forward, and pulling Raven back a few steps by the arm. With her back to Silver, she whispered. “It’s better that you don’t try. Remember what happened last time?”

    “But I-“

    “Focus your energy on saving it for the fight. We can’t afford to have what happened last time happen again at the final moment, okay?” Prodigy asked, giving her a stern look. 

    “Fine,” Raven muttered. “I won’t use my powers, but I’m still challenging you!” she shouted over Prodigy’s shoulder. Prodigy sighed and stepped aside. “We’re still going to fight,” Raven added.

    “Fine,” Silver said.

    “Fine,” Raven repeated. “Where are your reinforcements?”

    Silver smirked. “I don’t need reinforcements. I can take you.”

    “Please, you can’t take on me and the whole fangirl army,” Raven scoffed. “They’ll back me up.”

    Looking around, Silver raised a brow. No one was paying attention. “I doubt that.”

    Back with Cyrus and Hayden, Prodigy sighed. “Hey, Danielle,” she called. “Can I get some popcorn over here?”

    Danielle Cullen grinned, nodded, closed her eyes, then offered the bucket of buttery popcorn that she had just summoned out of thin air. 

    “Sweet, thanks,” Prodigy said. She gestured for Cyrus and Hayden to sit down and placed the popcorn between them. “Settle in, this should be fun.”

    Raven was still glowering, so they hadn’t missed anything. “So you accept the challenge?”

    “I do.”

    “Right,” Raven replied. She grinned now, an evil grin. “So is now a good time to tell everyone what you said?”

    Silver frowned. “What, that your powers aren’t real? I’m still not convinced. I’ve never seen you do anything other than tag along with Prodigy.”

    Prodigy popped some popcorn in her mouth. 

    “No, not that,” Raven said through gritted teeth. She raised her voice, “I meant when you said that Prodigy could kill off Cyrus and Hayden.”

    Everyone in the room froze, except for Fever, who rolled her eyes. Everyone else turned slowly towards Lightning, their eyes widening, their lips curling back into snarls. Raven, for her part, stood grinning, her arms crossed. “Fangirl army,” she intoned, “attack the Cyden blasphemer!” 

    As the ravenous fangirls descended upon Silver, there were a few shocks of electricity and the smell of burning hair, but it wasn’t long before he was overwhelmed. There was music floating through the air, snow splattering against the backs of heads (mostly Skie's - by accident, of course), and the flap of ghostly wings. 

    Prodigy watched it all, taking handful after handful of popcorn. After a minute, she glanced over to find Cyrus and Hayden staring with dropped jaws. “You guys want some?” Prodigy offered. 

    Hayden turned to look at her, that blank expression still on his face. “Uh. Uhhh. Are you going to kill us?”

    Smiling, Prodigy replied, “No, of course not! Look at what I’d have to deal with if I did. Relax. You’re safe.”

    They believed her, as they always did. Prodigy breathed a sigh of relief. Being the Overlord had its perks.

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